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    Board Transition Statement


    Looking Forward - A Statement from SB Bike Board of Directors

    November 1, 2019

    SB Bike, aka The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition, is a countywide organization with a long history of success working toward building healthy and vibrant communities by promoting bicycling for all; advocating for better bicycling conditions; and educating children, adults, and motorists about safe bicycling.

    On October 31st the long serving Executive Director of SB Bike, Ed France, will be moving on to new opportunities here in Santa Barbara. But the managers of our great programs -- BiciCentro, Volunteer Events, Advocacy, and Education will continue with coordination being provided by Christine Bourgeois.

    To ensure a smooth transition to the next chapter, the Board of Directors has initiated the hiring process for an interim executive director. The interim will serve as a bridge to the future while we pause and do an organizational assessment and perform an exhaustive search for a permanent replacement to carry on the organization’s rich legacy.

    Over the coming months we’ll challenge ourselves as we consider how to best execute our core mission, and carefully plan for selecting the right person to help us achieve these goals and make this organizational change successful.

    Our volunteers, dedicated staff, and community partners are the heart of this organization and we want to hear from you. Transformation won’t be as easily achieved without broad support and involvement from our community.

    If you would like to be interviewed as part of the process, please email info@SBBIKE.org.

    For future information, look to the SB Bike webpage for regular updates during this transition.

    Thank you for your support!


    SB Bike Board of Directors

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    My Send-Off From SBBIKE

    I'd like to thank you for the shared efforts and memories we've achieved together with the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition and Bici Centro. Over 12 years, I've grown a whole lot, and so has our organization. As I depart, I'm filled with appreciation for this fine organization and community that we've built together.

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