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    Make Our Newest Bike Lane SAFE

    This Tuesday (Tomorrow!) at 3:30 to 4pm Santa Barbara City Council will decide on a final configuration for Cabrillo Boulevard east of the Zoo (Los Niños).

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    Changing the Culture: SBBIKE's Education Dream

    Ten years ago, when I started with the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition (SBBIKE), my vision was to teach bicycle education in schools countywide. I never thought I’d be able to do it. I didn’t think I could get support from the community. I’m grateful to Audacious for giving me the opportunity to realize my dream.

    At SBBIKE, we know how to teach bicycling. We know that changing the habits of this generation of kids (who don’t know how to ride) means offering bicycle education from second through sixth grade at least. We know that, if we help kids discover the independence of bicycling, we’ll change the culture of the community. It’s a long-term challenge, because parents think biking is dangerous. Riding to school has declined since the ’70s.


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