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    City reveals 11 new Westside Bike Connection Options

    On Tuesday night, at the Westside Listening Meeting, 11 new options for the Westside to Downtown bike connection were revealed by city staff. The routes explore a range of new ideas including building the connection on Arrellaga St., Sola St., extending the Bike Blvd. to Laguna St. and even using contraflow bicycle lanes (a Santa Barbara first!).

    City staff revealed a plan to add 77 new parking spaces to the adjacent neighborhood including four new spaces in front of South Coast Deli. This would replace all but 8 of the 85 parking spaces originally slated to be removed by bicycle lanes on Micheltorena. We're also interested in the new potential to build a connection all the way to Laguna (only 1 block away from the Olive St. Bike Blvd. the community has asked for). It remains to be seen which of these projects will be competitive for funding by the State ATP Program but first, we'll need to narrow down one design to apply for. 

    Each project has a unique effect on nearby parking, bike friendliness, and mobility in the surrounding neighborhood. We'll discuss the benefits and drawbacks in our Policy Meeting at SBBIKE's office on April 19th at 6:00 PM. In the meanwhile, read through the designs and cost-benefit of each design at the bottom of this post. Send your feedback to eve@sbbike.org and directly to city staff at PBrown@santabarbaraca.gov.

    Finally, If you don't have a lot of time, take a look at options 1A, 1B, 6A, & 6B which propose the most realistic designs. Head over to http://bmp.santabarbaraca.gov/ to view or download a PDF of these designs.

    1 A- Micheltorena Bike Lane- No Intersection Widening


    1B- Micheltorena Bike Lane- 3 Intersection Widenings (San Andres, Bath, State)


    1C- Micheltorena Bike Lane- 6 Intersection Widenings


    2- Micheltorena/ Arrellago One Way Couplet


    3- Micheltorena/ Sola One Way Couplet


    4- Micheltorena Bike Blvd. - No Through Traffic


    5a- Sola Bike Blvd. to State- Contraflow on Castillo


     5B- Sola Street Bike Bike Blvd. to State St. Via Bath/ Micheltorena


    6A- Sola Bike Blvd. to Laguna- Via Contra Flow lane on Castillo


    6B- Sola Street Bike Blvd. to Laguna St. via Bath/ Micheltorena


    7- Bike Lane to Bath/ Castillo Couplet Only



    City's Cost-Benefit Matrix

    This Cost-Benefits Matrix includes details such as cost, benefit to drivers, benefit to bicyclists, & Other project details.




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    At what Cost?

    Lawsuit against Micheltorena Bike Lanes Costs City New Bikeways and Grant Funds




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