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    SBBIKE's End of Year Appeal

    You + SBBIKE = A win for families and our community!

    Should kids be able to safely bike to school?

    Absolutely! At SBBIKE we think that all Santa Barbara County kids and families should have safe and accessible routes to school.

    Thanks to your support of SBBIKE, Santa Barbara County is experiencing a bicycling renaissance in K-12 schools – we need your help to keep these riders safe.


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    Research Shows Benefits of Biking

    You likely have a pretty good idea that biking is good for kids (and the adults they share the world with). But it may surprise you to learn just how good it is and in how many ways—mentally, emotionally, physical, socially, and academically. It may also surprise you to learn who typically rides in the US (and who doesn't)—what groups we need to focus on to close those gaps and ensure all who want to can safely access the many benefits of cycling. During summer 2017, German researcher Katja Siepmann interned with Audacious Foundation, SBBIKE and COAST's partner in bringing cycling education to schools across Santa Barbara County. Her well-referenced research into the benefits of bicycling is here:


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