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    New Signal In Busy Bike Intersection

    Pardall Road in Isla Vista is one of the busiest bicycling routes in Santa Barbara County, with an estimated 15,000 riders a day.  There is so much bike traffic that it sometimes it      became nearly impossible to safely cross .
    Santa Barbara County, UCSB Associated Students BIKES committee and CHP recently gathered to inaugurate traffic signals on Pardall to manage the flow and help keep everybody safe. Everyone who stopped at the new red light was served cookies. SBBIKE thanks all involved. Let's hope this stoplight is a new beginning.
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    Light up the Night in November

    It's the time of year again when the sun sets earlier each day. Soon we'll also be turning the clocks back an hour - meaning more and more workers in Santa Barbara will be commuting home in the dark. Some cyclists aren't prepared, and SBBIKE is there every year to distribute free lights so folks can get home safer. Sign up to volunteer at one of the locations today! We need folks to help wave signs and flag down cyclists, distribute lights, and give our survey. See below for locations and dates.


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