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Goleta master plan revision attracts concerned bicyclists
Santa Barbara police get new bicycles
Bicycle Coalition groups are formed
Bicycle Coalition to meet with county supervisor candidate Naomi Schwartz
LAW honors Solvang bicyclist Dan Henry
Classic Creations Bike Club attracts local youngsters
Velo Mondiale
Hook your computer to a bulletin board
Caltrans repaves US 101 road and shoulder
Proposition 116 funding approaches again
SB 1141 bill awaits Wilson's action
Quick Release sports new format

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Goleta master plan revision attracts concerned bicyclists

  • In response to an announcement enclosed in last month's Quick Release, sent to members of the Goleta Valley Cycling Club, and distributed to bicycle shops around the area, an energetic group of 25 or 30 bicyclists gathered at a public workshop September 10 to discuss the Goleta Valley bicycling facilities.
  • The meeting was initiated by planner Steve Spencer from the Comprehensive Planning Division of the Santa Barbara County Resource Management Department. Spencer considered the workshop a real success, both in numbers of interested participants and the bicycle facilities they advocated.
  • After a general discussion, a large map of the Goleta area was supplied and everybody was invited to mark improvements on it as they wished. At the end of the workshop, the map was filled from one end to the other with notes and suggestions.
  • Spencer took the results from the workshop and incorporated them into a final draft that is going to the county Planning Commission. This 300-page plan, explained Spencer, is a blueprint for the future of the Goleta valley. It concerns housing and jobs, as well as transportation.
  • Our thanks go to Spencer and all the bicyclists who attended for taking the initiative with this important issue. If you have questions, contact Spencer at 568-2072.

Santa Barbara police get new bicycles

  • The Santa Barbara city police spokesman John Thayer said that their bicycle unit has recently received new equipment and is hoping to be able to expand their services in the future. Just received were four new Raleigh mountain bicycles with suspension forks. Three of the bicycles were paid for with drug seizure funds, and the other was an outside bequest.
  • The new bikes are equipped with sirens, lights, racks, and locally-manufactured custom bags. Emily K of Goleta is currently working with the unit in designing new uniforms.
  • The bicycle unit, said Thayer, has been involved in at least one situation in which a woman's life was saved by a police bicyclist. The officer, patrolling Gutierrez Street one night, heard a woman whimpering, and was able to subsequently save her from a near-death condition. Had he been in a patrol car instead of on a bicycle, he would have never heard her.
  • Thayer said that the department may, as suggested by Ron Stern and reported in September Quick Release, implement a bicycle-along program that allows citizens to accompany bicycle officers on their regular rounds.
  • They are also considering expansion of the bicycle unit. Advantages of the bicycle patrol are its lower cost, health benefits for the officers, favorable public reception, versatility, and the "stealth factor"—the ability of bicyclists to creep up silently upon drug sales and other street situations. Liabilities are the inability to transport prisoners, carry heavy loads, and respond as quickly to distant emergencies.
  • If you wish to talk with John Thayer, an avid bicyclist himself, phone him at 897-2394. If you feel that we will benefit from the expansion of the Santa Barbara bicycle police service, and wish to make a greater impact, say so in a letter to:
  • Police Chief Richard Breza
    Santa Barbara Police Department
    215 East Figueroa Street
    Santa Barbara, CA 93101
  • And then send a copy of your letter to:
  • Mayor Shiela Lodge
    Santa Barbara City Hall
    735 Anacapa Street
    Santa Barbara, CA 93101.
  • We cannot overemphasize the effect of citizen input into issues that concern us. If you want improvements, speak up. Officials are much more likely to proceed with programs that have broad community support.
  • John Thayer hopes that he or Jim Nalls from the bicycle unit will be able to attend our future meetings.

Bicycle Coalition groups are formed

  • At the September Bicycle Coalition meeting, we discussed the formation of special interest groups. They might be called "committees" or "action groups," but the idea is to act in specific areas that cannot be covered during our one-hour monthly meetings.
  • It was agreed that a public relations group consist of Bob Burgess and Ralph Fertig. And a group concentrating on bicycle facility planning and funding would consist of Curtice Jacoby, Benjamin Sawyer, and Gary Wissman. These groups are absolutely open to other interested individuals. You are welcome to contact the above people at any time.
  • Another group was suggested to deal with the legal (and maybe financial) status of the coalition, but no person present felt qualified to volunteer. It is important to consider the possible incorporation of the Coalition as a non-profit organization. Can you help us?

Bicycle Coalition to meet with county supervisor candidate Naomi Schwartz

  • Out of the several candidates for the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors in the upcoming November election, one of them, Naomi Schwartz, has contacted us about bicycling issues.
  • At her request, we have set up a meeting in which Bicycle Coalition members and other interested bicyclists will discuss issues of concern. A press release will be sent out shortly to media in the Santa Barbara area, inviting them to cover this gathering.
  • The fact that this will occur should not be construed as an endorsement on our behalf for Schwartz. However, for those residing within the First District, it will provide an opportunity to assess her openness to our bicycling interests.
  • The meeting will take place at Naomi Schwartz' election headquarters, 1187 Coast Village Road in Montecito. The date is Wednesday, October 7 at 7:00 pm. For further information, contact Abby Young at 565-4422.

LAW honors Solvang bicyclist Dan Henry

  • The League of American Wheelmen (LAW) recently presented its most prestigious award, the Paul Dudley White Medal, to Dan Henry of Solvang. The award was made by LAW vice president Steve Gottlieb at a ceremony that took place at the Goleta Public Library on July 30th.
  • In graciously receiving the award, 89-year old Henry reminisced about Dr. White, who was President Eisenhower's cardiologist, and a vigorous proponent of bicycling for cardiovascular exercise. Henry then passed around old photographs of group bicycle rides that he was involved with in the 30s, 40s, and 50s back East. He showed how he innovated a road marking technique for long group bicycle rides. And then he read some of his touching poems about the joys and pains of bicycling.
  • Henry, who bicycles every chance he has, complains that he can't manage a century as fast as he once used to. As he enters his ninth decade of bicycling next January, we congratulate him on the LAW honor, and hope to keep pace with him on the road.

Classic Creations Bike Club attracts local youngsters

  • A new kind of bicycle club has been started in Santa Barbara by Jo-Jo Trejo. The club, the Classic Creations Bike Club, has members ranging in age from 14 to 26. They are dedicated to the creation, care and exhibition of custom bicycles.
  • An article in the September 10, 1992 Santa Barbara News-Press by Jesse Chavarria said that working together on custom bicycles teaches the young members the value of hard work, patience, devotion, and the wise use of money. Members of the club must not only pay dues, but also keep their grades up, avoid drugs, and not join street gangs.
  • At a recent lowrider car & bike competition in Ojai, their bikes won four of seven trophies, winning in both the radical custom and stock bicycle categories.
  • Current club members live in Santa Barbara and Goleta, but there is talk of expanding to Oxnard and Lompoc. For further details, contact Jesse Chavarria at 564-5200.

Vélo Mondiale
by Ralph Fertig

  • With a shiny city bike on his shoulder, the lycra-clad rider pranced around the stage, shouting out a jazzy rap in French, always ending with the refrain, "Vélo Québec!" It was part of a celebratory dinner for 800 people in a grain barge converted to a restaurant in the Montreal harbor. We were celebrating at once the 35th anniversary of Vélo Québec (the regional advocacy organization), the 350th anniversary of Montreal, and the joys of bicycling.
  • This light event was rare in the ongoing breakfast-to-night marathon of bicycling meetings at the Conférence Vélo Mondiale, September 13-17. The international conference attracted 600 bicycling advocates from 32 countries. I loved every moment of it, and constantly wished that others from the Santa Barbara bicycling community could be there too. There was something for everybody who loves bikes.
  • They crammed 161 individual sessions into the five days, running six or so at once. The choices were agonizing since they all sounded exciting. In subsequent issues of Quick Release, I hope to relate some of what took place.

Hook your computer to a bulletin board

  • If you have a computer and modem, consider the Seaside BBS. This bulletin board system, set up by Jim Brandon, allows you to interchange bicycling information with others nationally and internationally.
  • Set your modem to 1200-38400, 8/N/1, IBM ANSI, and dial one of the public node numbers: 805-964-4766 or 805-964-4414. For further details, talk to Jim by phone at 683-1240

Caltrans repaves US 101 road and shoulder

  • If you've been driving on US 101 west of Goleta recently, you've seen the new repaving project. But if you've bicycled on the new stretch, you know what a superb improvement Caltrans has made.
  • The $6 million project involves repaving an eight-mile section from Glen Annie Road to Refugio Road, and replacing the Rancho Dos Pueblos bridge. The bridge, you may know, has been dangerously narrow, leaving only two feet or so for bicyclists beside the fast-moving traffic.
  • A separate bicyclist detour has been created around the current bridge construction during the projected six-month work period. Paul Halliburton from Caltrans consulted with the Bicycle Coalition before installing the carefully designed bicycle detour. Halliburton will be joining us at our Coalition meeting October 7th, so come and meet him then to discuss this project as well as others.
  • In the past, the bicycling shoulder along that stretch of US 101 has had mixed surface quality, and recent road patching projects have torn up and dumped extra asphalt upon the shoulder. The new surface is velvety smooth, and Caltrans and their contractor, Granite Construction, should be commended. If you wish to comment or compliment them on their fine job, write to:
  • Teri Conrad, Public Affairs Officer
    State of California
    Department of Transportation, Dist 5
    50 Higuera Street
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93403.
  • Or you could alternately telephone Paul Halliburton at 568-1265.

Proposition 116 funding approaches again

  • California's Proposition 116 provides millions of dollars annually for bicycling projects to various municipalities. You may recall that the Bicycle Coalition received its impetus from a group of County bicycling employees working on an application for Prop 116 funding in 1991.
  • In last year's round, the County was awarded $462,000, but the application from Santa Barbara City was rejected. The problem, speculated the City's Jay Hillje, was that the judgement criteria were too vague last year, and that the city, unlike the county, failed to solicit letters of support from community members. This year, they are much better prepared.
  • Although not yet finalized, the County, according to planner Marty Wilder, is requesting funding for three projects:
  • Santa Ynez, on-road bike lanes on Refugio Road
  • Santa Maria, on-road bike lanes on Bradley Road
  • Goleta, a separate bikeway connecting to Cathedral Oaks Road.
  • As for the City, Doug Pike will come to the Bicycle Coalition meeting on October 7th to discuss two ideas:
  • Two East-West streets with bicycle lanes in downtown Santa Barbara
  • General downtown improvements.
  • For both of these applications, due November 20th, we will help the two agencies to solicit letters of support from you and other community bicyclists. Apparently, these letters are valued highly by the selection committee, and they may be exactly what we need to put us ahead of other California regions.
  • We hope to provide you with final details in the November issue of Quick Release.

SB 1141 bill awaits Wilson’s action

  • As of this writing, Senator Lucy Killea's bicycling bill has finally been passed by both the Senate and House, and now waits on Governor Pete Wilson's desk for action.
  • The bill provides an increase in the annual California Bicycle Lane Account from $360,000 to $2.4 million by shifting gas tax funds from other transportation projects. Wilson's Department of Finance has recommended that he veto the bill. Make yourself heard by writing directly to:
  • Governor Pete Wilson
    State Capitol
    Sacramento, CA 95814.
  • For the current status of the bill, call Lucy Killea's office at 510-464-0847.

Quick Release sports new format

  • You probably notice that we have expanded from two pages to four in length, and have made Quick Release into a self-mailing format. This allows us to get more news to you and saves us the cost of providing envelopes, even though it's less protected from the ravages of the postal service.
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