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Coalition stokes Bike Week activities
Bike Week 2007 Schedule
Grand opening of Bikestation Santa Barbara May 1st
Coalition supports Nava's bike bill
SB Wine Country Cycling Tours pedal ahead
Leno's Complete Streets bill advances
Help us plan a better Santa Barbara
Isla Vista races bring out local community
Giving Measure D another try in 2008
Returning this June
Low-rider bike club engages members
Coalition buys helmets for kids
"Bike-friendly" B&Bs increase in county
April Bicycle Coalition meeting topics
Willie returns to SB
We thank our active members
Bici Centro bike repair event cements success
Untrammeled womanhood

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Coalition stokes Bike Week activities

Bike Week logo

  • Bicycling is burgeoning and we're pedaling to make it bigger and better. Our Bicycle Coalition's Bike Week of activities continues traditional events, and adds new ones this year. The calendar is still being finalized, so check our web site for full event details and the latest information. To date, these Bike Week events are featured:
  • Bike Week Celebration. An evening at the Chase Palm Park Center. Invitations have gone to our members, others can buy tickets via our website.
  • Bicycle Repair Workshop. This is another community get together for bike repair, skill sharing, construction and company. La Casa de la Raza.
  • Bike Clinic. This covers basic bicycle maintenance. Open Air Bicycles.
  • Bike Film Festival I. This evening features Contested Streets and short bike films. SB Public Library.
  • Bike to School Day. Events are arranged at individual schools in Solvang and the South Coast.
  • Bike Film Festival II. This evening will feature Pedal and short bike films. UCSB Marine Science Building auditorium.
  • Bike to Work Day. Two locations—Downtown Santa Barbara and UCSB—will host traditional morning events.
  • Ride of Silence. This slow ride commemorates those lost or injured in bicycling crashes. SB Museum of Natural History.
  • Willie Weir Bikes around South Africa. Hear Willie's tales of cycling in Africa. SB Museum of Natural History.
  • Climb Old San Marcos. This climb up Old San Marcos Road will help get you in shape. Meet at Tuckers Grove County Park.
  • How to Plan a Cycling Adventure. An introduction to bike touring for the El Capitan bike trip. SB Museum of Natural History.
  • Bicycle Touring. Be treated to tales of joys and challenges of biking in foreign countries. SB Museum of Natural History.
  • Children's Festival. We'll help children learn how to safely walk and bike to school and other destinations. Alameda Park.
  • Cycling Adventure to El Capitan. Bike along with others from Santa Barbara to El Capitan State Park. Camp overnight. Learn about it at the 5/17 meeting at the SB Museum of Natural History.

Bike Week 2007 Schedule

  • Saturday May 12
  • Bike Week Celebration
  • Sunday May 13
  • Bicycle Repair Workshop
  • Bike Clinic
  • Monday May 14
  • Bike Film Festival I
  • Tuesday May 15
  • Bike to School Day
  • Bike Film Festival II
  • Wednesday May 16
  • Bike to Work Day
  • Ride of Silence
  • Willie Weir Bikes around South Africa
  • Thursday May 17
  • Climb Old San Marcos
  • Plan a Cycling Adventure
  • Bicycle Touring
  • Saturday May 19
  • Children's Festival
  • Cycling Adventure to El Capitan

Grand opening of Bikestation Santa Barbara May 1st

drawing of Bikestation

This is an architectural rendering of Bikestation Santa Barbara, located on the first floor facing Anacapa Street.

  • It's been a few years from concept to reality, but Santa Barbara County's first Bikestation will have its grand opening on May 1. Built as a mitigation for increased motor vehicle traffic at the Granada Garage in Downtown Santa Barbara, our Bikestation will offer bicyclists secure bike parking, showers, bathrooms, retail items, and lockers.
  • The new facility is at 1219 Anacapa Street, inside the Granada Garage, next to the Coffee Cat. On May 1, it will open from 7:00-9:00 AM for cyclists to tour. Then the ribbon-cutting ceremony will begin at 9:00 AM. Phone 562-733-0106 for local information, and check out the Bikestation Coalition's five other locations at its website

Coalition supports Nava’s bike bill

  • Our Assemblyman Pedro Nava is sponsoring the Bicyclists Safety Bill AB 60 that will make bicycling safer for us when sharing roads with motorists. The catalyst for the bill was the death of Kendra Payne in January 2006 when the popular UCSB student was hit and killed by a truck driver. AB 60 would require a three-foot safety clearance when motorists pass bicyclists on streets and roads.
  • Last month, our Bicycle Coalition sent a letter of support to Nava. We wrote, "other states continue to debate and pass similar safety measures—so far Florida, Arizona, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Oregon, Utah and Wisconsin have enacted similar legislation, and Tennessee is currently considering it. It's time that California catches up."
  • The law would likely come into play when a cyclist is struck or brushed by a motorist. The three-foot requirement would then create a more-substantial case for the cyclist.
  • Our letter concluded, "We are appreciative that you are offering AB 60 that will make safety on our roads a priority and will help in future situations."

SB Wine Country Cycling Tours pedal ahead
by Ralph Fertig

photo oc Corey Evans.

Avid bicyclist and businessman Corey Evans stands in his Santa Ynez touring shop. Photo by Ralph Fertig.

photo of dining cyclists

It's not all cycling for participants of the SBWCCT rides, as they relax for an al fresco lunch.

  • The company name "Santa Barbara Wine Country Cycling Tours" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but it aptly describes what the new regional business is doing. And doing successfully, as it soon begins its third year of activity.
  • Owners Corey Evans and Tim Gorham observed that more cyclists were coming to the Santa Ynez Valley to ride. They came not only for major rides like the Solvang Century, but also as individuals intrigued by the film Sideways and as members of professional cycling teams there for early spring training.
  • With their lifetime contacts and intimate knowledge of local possibilities, Anderson and Gorham quietly started in 2005 and have been growing ever since. Evans is the bike expert and owner of Dr. J's Bicycle Shop in Buellton. Gorham is a local wine connoisseur and a former leader of European cycling tours.
  • Their tours are typically half-day or full-day trips around the Valley. They end at one winery or another for a gourmet meal. They are finding that past customers are increasingly returning for more, often with family or friends. Most of the cyclists are new to the area, and invariably love it. A group of Persian cyclists from Los Angeles recently spent several days on rides out of their Solvang hotel, sometimes with return van support.
  • Their business headquarters in Santa Ynez serves as bike storage and as a modest bike shop for locals. They also offer bicycle rentals to anybody independent of any tours—road, mountain, hybrid, and tandems are available.
  • Our Bicycle Coalition is pleased that their home-grown bike touring business is succeeding. Evans tells us that a good number of referrals to their website come from ours. To learn more, check out

Leno’s Complete Streets bill advances

  • Assemblyman Mark Leno's bill proposes to require California jurisdictions to consider accommodating all people traveling on public right-of-ways when General Plans are revised. The bill, designated AB 1358, passed the Assembly Local Government Committee on April 18, and is now going to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.
  • Our Bicycle Coalition sent a letter of support to Leno on April 3. We said, "Safety is a major concern for our vulnerable community members who bicycle, walk, and use transit. ‘Unsafe conditions' are most often cited as the reason to drive instead."
  • We continued, "AB 1358 will provide roads that serve all users. It will level the playing field of transportation choice that currently is stacked in favor of motorists, and is stacked against an active lifestyle."
  • A related publication is available from the Thunderhead Alliance, a national organization of bicycling advocacy groups of which our SB Bicycle Coalition is a charter member. It's the Guide to Complete Streets Campaigns that describes not only what complete streets are, but documents successful and upcoming efforts to implement them. It cites the City of Santa Barbara's Circulation Element as an example of good policy.
  • If you wish to know more about this national movement and the Thunderhead Alliance, read about them on their website

Help us plan a better Santa Barbara

  • Come to our May 1st Bicycle Coalition meeting to hear George Haskell from the City of Santa Barbara talk about "Plan Santa Barbara." It's a two-year series of community events, presentations and workshops to determine what we want our city to be like in the future. Like how much growth? What kind of transportation? How can we reduce our environmental impact?
  • Public workshops are coming in June, but this will get us thinking of how we can encourage healthy lifestyles and responsible mobility. You can read more at the city's new website

Isla Vista races bring out local community

photo of bike cop and kids

A member of the CHP bicycle police leads kids through a bike course on Pardall Road. Photo by Ralph Fertig.

photo of cyclists

Cyclists race around a tight turn, the site of crashes—none serious—in later races. Photo by Ralph Fertig.

  • With support from businesses and government agencies, the UCSB Cycling Team brought a day of activities to downtown Isla Vista on April 7. We had an information booth on closed-off Pardall Road, while collegiate and public races circled a closed IV loop. A "Cruiser Crit" was open to all, including County Supervisors Janet Wolf and Brooks Firestone. Overall, it was a fine day.

Giving Measure D another try in 2008

  • Even before Santa Barbara voters defeated the renewal of our current Measure D transportation last November, jurisdictions within our county were quite concerned about their loss of funds in 2010. After all, about a third, maybe half of their public works budget used to maintain and create new roads, sidewalks, and other transportation facilities comes from Measure D revenue.
  • The money from the tax essentially replaced what used to come down from the state level, but with a perpetual fiscal shortfall in Sacramento, that money is no longer flowing. So one county after another in California passed replacement taxes to serve their needs.
  • At the same time, transportation funds from the federal government and last fall's California bond measures increasingly require a local matching amount. Those jurisdictions that offer their own "self help" matching funds now rise to the top of priority rankings for funding. With no more Measure D, we lose not only the money to spend on local projects, but also the ability of leverage it to bring in outside funds.
  • The current thought is tending toward having two independent expenditure plans, one for the north county, another for the south county. Tax money from one area would stay in that area. It would also try for a continued half-cent tax instead of increasing it to three-quarters percent.
  • So we're watching what happens at SBCAG itself, as well as the two regional subcommittees. A new Measure D renewal proposal will very likely be crafted in the next few months.

Returning this June

  • Two items of interest to bicyclists will be returning to us this June:
  • Team Bike Challenge. Back for the third year, this month-long bicycle competition pits teams of five individuals against one another as they track their bike trips and win prizes. Gather team members and register at
  • Bicyclist Count. We used to do this every year, but numbers were not changing much, so now it's every other year, including 2007. It's an afternoon tally of bicyclists at 25 Santa Barbara City intersections. We need volunteers to help for 2-hour stints June 5-14; details coming at meetings, by email and in Quick Release.

Low-rider bike club engages members

photo of low riders

Some of the Santa Barbara Don Riders showcase their finely-crafted creations on March 13th. Photo by Ralph Fertig.

  • Santa Barbara High School has a new club, one that has been attracting members who are not inclined to join clubs at school. Developed by Pedro Menchaca, the school's intervention instructor, this club of 13 members provides help to students wanting to craft personalized, low-rider bicycles.
  • The Santa Barbara Don Riders, as they call themselves, exhibited their impressive bikes at a club fund-raiser on March 13. Glistening with chromed parts, their handsome bikes (or trikes) were low-slung, with cushy tires, double the usual number of radial spokes, and sometimes built around vintage Schwinn frames. The bikes are all rideable—at a respectable pace, of course.
  • We're pleased that our young community members have a new-found enthusiasm for bicycles and what they can do for us all.

Coalition buys helmets for kids

  • Safety for kids on bicycles is very important to us, so our Board of Directors voted to purchase helmets for students at Brandon Elementary School in Santa Barbara.
  • The opportunity to help occurred because of a budget crunch at Kiwanis, the local organization that has been able to generously help in the past. Rather than have the March 22nd bike helmet distribution cancelled, our Bicycle Coalition donated money to purchase helmets for distribution to Brandon students there. Brandon School just this year initiated an ambitious walk/bike to school program called Bike on Wednesday/Walk on Wednesday or "BOW-WOW." We wish them great success and are glad that we could help.

“Bike-friendly” B&Bs increase in county

photo of Ballard Inn

The Ballard Inn is a charming bike-friendly place quietly tucked away in the Santa Ynez Valley. Photo by Ralph Fertig.

  • Bicyclists are increasingly being encouraged to come to Santa Barbara County. In spring 2006, there were three bed and breakfast inns in our county that were recognized as "bike friendly." Now, a year later the California Association of Bed and Breakfast Inns recognizes eight of them.
  • A year ago, the bike-friendly inns were the Solvang Gardens Lodge (Solvang), Cheshire Cat Inn & Cottages, and the Old Yacht Inn (both Santa Barbara). The five new ones are Ballard Inn (Ballard); Meadowlark Inn and Storybook Inn (Solvang); Simpson House Inn (Santa Barbara); and Prufrock's Garden Inn by the Beach (Carpinteria).
  • The Ballard Inn, as an example, offers covered bike parking outside or room bike parking in designated places, plus free bike maps. They were pleased with the Amgen Tour of California time trial out of Solvang because they filled up with cycling fans and the racers passed a half block from their front veranda.
  • If you're planning to travel with your bike in our state, you can sort for bike-friendly inns for selected regions in the state at the California bed and breakfast inn website

April Bicycle Coalition meeting topics

  • Our April 3rd monthly Bicycle Coalition meeting was another evening one at Madam Lu Chinese Restaurant. Nine people attended to dine and discuss these topics:
  • Ralph Fertig described his educational experience at the National Bike Summit in Washington DC.
  • Possibilities for attracting the Amgen Tour of California to repeat locations in our county were discussed.
  • Ralph Fertig described upcoming Earth Day activities, with our information booth, bike parking and free check-ups.
  • Our booth at UCSB Cycling's Island View Classic bike races in Isla Vista was described.
  • Ed France described the success of Bici Centro's first workshop at Casa de la Raza in Santa Barbara. At least 30 people showed up to work on their bikes.
  • The Bikestation Santa Barbara will have a grand opening on May 1st.
  • Boy Scout Alex Wolff is planning an educational morning for kids on bikes, as his Eagle Scout project. We will be participating with an information booth.
  • The probability of a trial of Ernesto Botello over the death of bicyclist Jake Boysel was described.
  • Bike Week events are coming. We have added bike films, a Ride of Silence, and overnight bike tour to El Capitan State Beach. The week is overflowing with bike things.

Willie returns to SB

photo of girls marching

Girls marching in Cuba. Photo by Willie Weir.

  • Shall we bring Willie Weir back for our Bike Week? The response at a Bicycle Coalition Board meeting last fall was a resounding "YES." Willie agreed to again share his tales of biking around the globe. "Your bicycle is your passport. Don't leave home without it," he proclaims.
  • Although there may be more, we'll share Willie's enthusiasm for bike touring here:
  • May 12, Fourth Annual Bike Week Celebration. Willie is bringing us his tales of adventure in Cuba, the forbidden island of sugarcane, cigars and socialism. Our Bike Week kick-off event returns to the Chase Palm Park Center in Santa Barbara. It starts with drinks on the patio, followed by a catered dinner, bicycling awards, and then Willie on Cuba. All for $30.
  • May 16, Willie Weir Bikes around South Africa. Willie pedaled in post-apartheid South Africa months after Nelson Mandela had been elected president. Eager to travel in the homelands of the Zulu, Xhosa and other tribes, he faced a daunting obstacle ... people warned him of grave consequences. At the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, at 7:00 PM, $10 donation.
  • Learn more about Willie Weir at his website And find details about these and all the other great Bike Week events at

We thank our active members

  • Please thank and support the following Bicycle Coalition business members:
  • Bicycle Bob's, Santa Barbara
  • Nett & Champion Insurance Services, Santa Barbara
  • Open Air Bicycles, Santa Barbara
  • Pedal Power Bicycles, Santa Maria
  • Santa Barbara Electric Bicycle Company, Santa Barbara
  • Chris King Precision Components, Portland OR
  • Run Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara
  • In addition, we welcome new members Dave Everett and Adam Lowenstein. We further thank those who renewed their memberships: Eric Schwartz, Bob Swinney, Cheryl Everett, Caroline Tesiorowski, Kim & Peter Shingle, Bill Powell, Greg Janee, Nicola Gordon, Don Irby, Michael Kwan, J R Clinton, Ralph & Vicki Kornahrens, and Howard Howe.

Bici Centro bike repair event cements success
by Edward France

photo of people at BiciCentro

Santa Barbara bicyclists arrive with their bikes to participate in the March 15th BiciCentro community event. Photo by Ralph Fertig.

  • Sunday, March 15th at La Casa De La Raza a second bike repair/work party helped thirty people fix ailing bicycles and get a taste of bicycle culture. This community service of La Casa and the fledgling Bici Centro group helped connect donated bikes to those in need, used parts to otherwise broken bikes, and repair/maintenance skills to the people who rely on bicycling for transportation. After two events, word is starting to spread, and old bicycles long left in garages and backyards are getting dusted off for a second life of use.
  • More than ten mechanically-skilled volunteers, or "wrenches" are now regularly donating their time to help others fix their means of mobility, while others, such as Café de Velo, Echelon Santa Barbara Cycling Club, Hazard's Cyclesport, and Open Air Bicycles, have all helped stock the events with replacement parts.
  • La Casa De La Raza, the primary sponsor of these events, deserves tremendous thanks for their work in helping add this service to the extensive list of resources it offers to its primarily Latino constituency. Eddie Gonzalez, Facility Manager of La Casa, immediately took action when first presented with the concept of community free bicycle repair events. "Let's set a date, put together the resources, and make this happen" was his directive, and the commitment of La Casa put this idea into motion.
  • By using this superb facility and using the extensive La Casa network in outreach, the collaboration of Bici Centro has been able to effectively put together cyclists who rely on bikes for work commutes and volunteer bicycle enthusiasts/mechanics to create a special opportunity for our community.
  • Our next event is Sunday, May 13th from 12:00 noon to 5:00 PM, but there is much more in store than just another repair/work party. Our wrenches and enthusiasts are putting together plans for a permanent space for Bici Centro, a "bicycle kitchen" of sorts, where students and community members can come and fix donated bicycles, learn mechanical skills, repair their own bikes, and increasingly foster a stronger bicycle culture in Santa Barbara.
  • We hope to continue to build on our successes and ramp up the services our group can offer. We meet every Wednesday at 7:00 PM at La Casa De La Raza. Contributions of any nature; event volunteers, organizers, networking, and financial sponsorship are all needed as we build a space for the self-determination of the bicycle to flourish.

Untrammeled womanhood

  • "Bicycling has done more to emancipate women than any one thing in the world. It gives her a feeling of self-reliance and independence the moment she takes her seat; and away she goes, the picture of untrammeled womanhood."
  • Susan B. Anthony
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