Bilingual family bike events

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The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition and COAST/SR2S have been collaborating with key community partners to offer successful bilingual Family Bike Events (Bici Familia) where riders of all ages have the opportunity to learn to ride a bicycle safely under the guidance of certified League Cycling Instructors. Parents are encouraged to attend, participate and volunteer. Loaner bikes and low-cost helmets are available for participants without gear.


Feel free to print out the Family Waiver and bring it to the event, so you don't have to wait to get right into the Bici Familia experience. Family Waiver en Español.

Example of a bilingual flyer



The success of a family event requires a lot of volunteers (greeters, helpers to set-up & clean up, helmet fitters, bike mechanics, Spanish speakers, etc.). Please contact the SBBIKE Education Director if you are interested in volunteering for a family event.

Bici Familias are offered at several schools and community centers in Santa Barbara County throughout the year: check the SBBIKE calendar to find upcoming events.

Photos from Family Bike Night/Bici Familias


"Our son Axel, was in the Kindergarten group: he really enjoyed riding on the course.  Being in a group forced him to keep up practicing balance, turning and stopping using the brake.  He has practiced riding a lot before, but he is a cautious kid.  The positive encouragement gave him courage.  At the end of the night he was racing around the playground and riding with the "big kids" when they got back from their off site ride.  He was very proud of himself. In one night he reached a whole new level.  It was amazing and fun to watch. Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity!" —Susanne Tejada, parent at Monroe Elementary School

"What happens when 41 volunteers from the Carpinteria Children's Project and Family School, SBBIKE, Bici Centro, COAST, Traffic Solutions, and our community Promotores and ELAC members work together to bring teaching talent, bike mechanic skills, and loaner bikes to Carpinteria? The answer is:

    • 102 children and 68 parents participated and learned about bicycle safety
    • 102 children practiced safe bike handling skills on fun blacktop obstacle and rodeo courses under the supervision of caring adults
    • 91 children went home with brand new helmets which were purchased for only $5 (thanks to generous supporters)
    • 53 loaner bikes, including toddler-size balance bikes, were available for children and adults to use
    • 15-18 children learned how to ride a bike for the first time
    • 55 bikes were valet parked and repaired by skilled bike mechanics
    • Too-many-to-count families enjoyed delicious food provided by ELAC volunteers & Don Roge tacos
    • Too-many-to-count cyclists went on a group ride thru the State Beach and town of Carpinteria
    • 100% of the participants had a blast!!!"

—Chris Sobell, Carpinteria Children's Project

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Youth Bike Education is supported by Measure A, the County of Santa Barbara, the City of Santa Barbara, the City of Goleta, the City of Carpinteria, and the City of Santa Maria.

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