The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition wants to hear your voice when we make decisions. These committees are your opportunity to guide the goals and practices of the aspects of SBBIKE that matter most to you. Check the main calendar if you're interested in joining a meeting.

The Bici Centro Shop Committee invites all stakeholders, such as shop users, occasional volunteers, donors, and especially our fully-vested volunteers – "Partners in grime" – to help manage our open shop, bicycle recycling, and education center facility concerns. Questions: email Ed.

The Education Committee oversees our classes and community partnerships. We host after-school and summer programs for youth, and bilingual mechanics and street skills classes for adults.

Our partnerships include Safe Routes to School (COAST),Traffic Solutions, Santa Barbara Parks & Rec, Live Well Santa Barbara County.

We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in the SBBIKE conference room. Questions? Read the monthly minutes or email Christine.

The Advocacy Committee is the venue for infrastructure and policy mattersofficecommittee.jpg.

The Spanish Language Outreach Committee (SLOC) is responsible for overseeing and implementing our efforts to engage the Spanish-speaking cyclist community. Meeting is scheduled each month at 6:00pm in SBBIKE conference room. Questions? Read the SLOC minutes or email the committee.

Our Board of Directors oversees all committees and governs the Bicycle Coalition. Meetings are open to the public. We strongly recommend future board directors to participate in subject committees before applying to become a board member.

The Policy Committee meets bi-weekly, Thursday's at 4pm, to discuss bicycle-transportation related issues and opportunities. These include opportunities for encouraging safer and efficient roadway designs for biking, providing public input on non-motorized transportation projects and brainstorming methods for making the region a better place to bike through improved funding, design and implementation of infrastructure and policies.

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