Education Programs

We teach kids safe riding skills

Do you remember the first time you rode a bike? Almost everybody does.

Today, many students don't know the joy of bicycling, but after a program of 4 sessions, all of them will ride with a big smile on their face.

If you like to work with children and want to help with Bike Education in the schools, please reach out – teaching a child to ride is a rewarding experience and as a volunteer, you will love it.

Help this effort, become a volunteer.

Help expand our reach

Including our first programs in Lompoc and Santa Maria, we operated in 29 schools in 2018 – that's a lot of effort, a lot of volunteers, and a big expense.

You know why we do it – to empower children with physical and mental exercise, to teach them safe riding skills for transportation and recreation, to give them a life skill that adds self confidence, independence and fun times with friends.

Your tax-deductible gift can extend our programs and help us reach even more schools across the county.

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