From Ed France, Executive Director

The 2016 Bicycle Master Plan is a major step forward for this community in building a functional and complete bikeway network that will increase safety, stimulate more bicycling, and reduce demand on constrained downtown parking and congested intersections.


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SBBIKE Facilitates Bike Education in Ventura

Recently, SBBIKE hosted a group from Ventura County to help them on their way to their League Cycling Instructor certification. 




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Sbici is Fundraising for Youth Bike Summit!

Santa Barbara High School's bike repair club, Sbici, is fundraising to send delegates to the Youth Bike Summit in Minneapolis!

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10 Great Projects in the Draft Santa Barbara Bike Master Plan!

Read below for 10 awesome projects in the draft bike plan and join SBBIKE on February 23rd when City Council votes on whether to adopt it. Join us in saying Yes! To passing the full Bike Plan! The meeting starts at 6:00 PM and is at 735 Anacapa St. (City Hall, 2nd Floor).

Ten reasons

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Bike the Vote! Get to know your new Councilmembers!

On Tuesday, Santa Barbara elected three new City Council Members. Cathy Murrillo (Westside) and Randy Rowse (Mesa) were re-elected to serve an additional four years on City Council. Jason Dominguez, on the Eastside, won his first seat on City Council. SBBIKE congratulates our new Councilmembers and looks forward to working with each of them to make Santa Barbara an even better place to ride a bike.

Get to know the new Council Members: Cathy Murrillo, Jason Dominguez, and Randy Rowse, by reviewing our interviews with them (conducted in September) on topics such as bike parking, bike lanes, and how to improve biking in Santa Barbara.

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