How to Help SBBIKE Every Week

Bici Centro is a program of SBBIKE that works toward our mission of making bicycling safe and accessible for all in Santa Barbara in many ways. We recycle donated bikes and get them to people that need a way to get around. We teach people how to fix their own bikes themselves, so that a broken bike isn't a deterrent from riding anymore. We refurbish bikes for our youth education programs, so the next generation is not only learning to ride bikes, but getting one to ride as well. Bici Centro wouldn't be 10 Years strong if it weren't for our volunteers. 

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SBBIKE and Future Leaders Cycle to the Movies

SBBIKE’s “Cycling to the Movies” was a two-part program for high school teens: a bicycle workshop for safety and mechanics, and then a bike field trip via bicycle to the movies! We went to the 32nd annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival, to  see the acclaimed social justice documentary I Am Not Your Negro.

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SBBIKE and SLO Bike partner to host LCI training April 28-30

As a ‘Bike Boom’ sweeps through the California Coast these last few years, a major challenge has come up. Many new bicyclists and would-be cyclists lack the ‘street skills’ to safely and effectively ride with traffic. Heading against traffic, riding on the sidewalks, and unpredictable behavior at intersections not only frustrate motorists, but also often counter-intuitively put the cyclist right into harm’s way. Cyclists share the same rules and responsibilities as motorists, but traveling at different speeds than cars, and often being less visible on the road requires know-how and strong bike handling skills.


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Holding Steady...




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Lean In: Find the Fearless Rider inside of You!

This Saturday (Jan. 28) at 10 a.m., join national cycling champion Sonia Ross for a lesson in how to ride better, smarter, and more fearlessly. The class/ride is geared toward safe recreational riding and will focus on things like cycling in a group, riding fast, maneuvering, and overcoming fears—individualized depending on participants’ desires. All are welcome. Just sign up here.


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Girls Conquer Fear of Cycling Together

Gage (that’s a nickname) brought all the necessities to Girls Inc.’s three-day winter cycling camp—bright red and blue Spiderman bicycle, check; spunky grin, check. Her obvious toughness aside, when Gage’s instructors suggested she remove the training wheels, she wasn’t too sure. Nevertheless, she bargained with League of America Certified Instructor (LCI) Jody Nelson and agreed to take the trainers off after four (not two) cycles around the course. Fourth trip done, she held up her end of the bargain, despite shedding a few tears of fear. She bravely mounted the bike. “She pedaled, and that was just huge,” Nelson remembers. By the end of the three days, Gage was cruising on two wheels, all grins. What training wheels?



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Call for Activity Providers for Carp Open Streets

Open Streets Organizers would like to invite community groups, individuals and sponsors to sign up by February 28th to participate in the 4th annual Open Streets event scheduled for Saturday, April 1st from 9AM–5PM — this year in Carpinteria.


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The Quest to Secure $7.7 Million

Traveling 150 miles to the California Transportation Commission to secure $7.7 million for better bicycle infrastructure  as a representative of the Westside of Santa Barbara was something of a quest.


Speaking in front of the CTC



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Cycling Benefits at Sonos Help Get Staff Rolling

When Mario Edwards signed up for the bike program at work, he was hoping to save a little extra cash. He wasn’t expecting to drastically change his lifestyle.31162016366_451cca91f4_z.jpg

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SBBIKE leads local advocacy for new Santa Barbara bikeways. Helps secure $7.7 million at California Transportation Commission Hearing.

Yesterday, a coalition of community organizations spearheaded by SBBIKE’s Eve Sanford spoke at the California Transportation Commission (CTC) meeting to make the case for $7.7 million in funding for City of Santa Barbara Bikeways. The coalition demonstrated the important safe routes to schools that will be created with the Bike Boulevards and the effects the projects will have on calming and improving Chino, Sola and Alisos Streets for people of all ages walking and biking. Michael Montenegro, Westside resident and community organizer, expressed the importance of Chino St. and other bikeway improvements to “working class Santa Barbarans, especially those who rely on their bicycles for transportation”. Ultimately, the CTC decided to award the projects with funding due to the strong support shown by the Santa Barbara Community through SBBIKE’s public commenters and written letters. A special thank you to everyone who supported the project and our partners who demonstrated their support at the Community Environmental Council (CEC), Central Coast Alliance United for A Sustainable Economy (CAUSE) , Westside Community Group, Micheltorena Neighborhood Association and the Coalition for Sustainable Transportation (COAST).


Pictured Above: This map demonstrates how Bike Boulevards will function by connecting to the bicycle spine network - a key set of streets that connect Santa Barbarans to routes and destinations throughout the city, courtesy of Santa Barbara Dept. of Public Works
In addition to these Bike Boulevards, the CTC also agreed to fund the Rincon Multi-use Path connecting Carpinteria Avenue to the Rincon County beach path along the California Coastal Bicycle Route. One significant North County project was also funded, a flashing beacon and crosswalk treatment along the 246 at Sycamore Avenue in Buellton to help bicyclists and pedestrians make a difficult crossing.
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