Streets Issues

Below, find a directory for Safety Issues and Suggested Improvements for Streets in Santa Barbara County

City of Santa Barbara:

Street and Sidewalk Repair Request Form

Request Traffic Invesigation

Department of Public Works: (805) 564-5377

Streets Maintenance: (805) 564-5413 


(All issues) Public Works Director/City Engineer, Charlie Ebeling – (805) 880-3402;

(Streets, Trees, Sidewalk issues) Public Works Supervisor, Paul Medel – (805) 755-4443;

(Stormwater, Solid Waste, Watershed issues) Environmental Coordinator, Erin Maker – (805)

 Online service request:


Service request line:

(805) 961-7570

 Online service request: 

Santa Barbara County:

All bike/ped related issues, Matt Dobberteen – (805)

In case Matt is away, Main Office – (805)

Highways & Freeways including Ramps & Underpasses:

Caltrans online service request:


Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition
Phone: 805.845.8955
Mail: PO Box 92047, Santa Barbara, CA 93190
Location: 506 E. Haley Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93103