Ed France, Executive Director

Ten years ago Ed met the social entrepreneurs behind the Bici Centro Community Bike Repair Shop & Education Center – the rest is history. Today in his free time Ed goes on out of the way routes on his bike and splashes around doing ocean sports. He's serving his second 4-year term on the City's Transportation and Circulation Committee (TCC), and is an advisor to the Coalition for Sustainable Transportation. If you'd like to go on a ride and talk bikes, don't hesitate to call or email him. (805) 203-6940 (LCI #1931)


Christine Bourgeois
Christine Bourgeois, Education Director

Christine Bourgeois was born and raised in France. She started using a bicycle for everyday transportation more than 20 years ago when she moved to Washington D.C. With a degree in education and a MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), Christine taught all levels of French at Santa Margarita High School, CA. In 2000, she relocated to Santa Barbara with her husband Dave and they both became avid cyclists and world travelers. For the last 8 years, she has been leading the development and implementation of a countywide education campaign to promote safe bicycling for transportation and recreation. She has been expanding successful after-school youth Earn-A-Bike programs (Pedal Power) and offering bilingual adult bike clinics for workplaces. In 2016, she spearheaded the idea of offering bike education during Physical Education in elementary schools in Santa Barbara County. With several fleets of bikes and the help of a dedicated team of LCIs, PE teachers are being trained and many young kids are learning to ride safely while having a lot of fun. Interested in offering a bike program at your school, organization or business? Give her a call or email her, (805) 699-6301 (LCI #2255)

Diana La Riva
Diana La Riva: Bike Valet, Volunteer, Membership & Events Coordinator

Diana was born in Southern California, she's travelled to many parts of the world, spending time studying and living in Indiana and Italy, then had to decide where she wanted to live next. With her older sister in Santa Barbara and much family nearby in L.A., the decision was easy. Diana was already involved with alternative transportation, volunteering with Traffic Solutions and CycleMAYnia events even before living here so she began her first year in town car-free – commuting around SB, to Carpinteria and even Ventura by bike and bus. She started at SBBIKE in 2016 as a Bike Valet Coordinator and her roles have since expanded into outreach, education, event organization, and memberships. She still commutes by bike to get to all four of her jobs and her home on the tip-top of the Mesa. You might see her out in nature with children as part of the Wilderness Youth Project or teaching lessons in the garden at the Salvation Army in Goleta. Reach out to Diana for anything from bike parking to volunteering or plant identification to kid-friendly recipes at diana@sbbike.org (LCI #5555).

Sergio Garcia
Sergio Garcia, Shop Leader

Sergio grew up in Santa Barbara, and has been working on bikes with Bici Centro for the last 4 years. He was president of the SBici club at Santa Barbara High School and attended the Youth Bike Summit in New York City in 2013. Catch him at Bici Centro, or at the shop on the City College campus. (LCI #5125)

Ken Dahmen
Ken Dahmen, Santa Maria Program Manager

Ken's been involved in the Santa Maria bicycling community for 7 years and commuting by bike for a decade. He has a BA in Psychology from the University of Northridge. He believes bicycling can reduce the amount of stress people deal with on an everyday basis whether it's financial, physical, or mental. He wants to spread the benefits of cycling to anyone and everyone he can. He's honored to be a part of the SBBIKE team and see the future of cycling expand in Santa Maria. He can be reached at ken@sbbike.org. (LCI #5128)

David Hodges
David Hodges, Board President

I rediscovered the joy of biking as a commuter to and from Santa Barbara High where I was assistant principal. Now retired, I'm honored be a volunteer with SBBIKE's incredible team, and rising momentum, as we work to make biking SB safe, standard, and sustainable. I love the sense of inclusion, welcome, and energy at Bici. To quote Ed France, I want to help grow Bici, "as a community center that's comfortable and accessible for everyone — just like we want our bike paths to be." A bike-friendly Santa Barbara improves public health, social bonds, business, and safety for the whole community – we can be that city. (LCI #4317)

Courtney Dietz
Courtney Dietz, Board Vice President

As someone that loves to be active and thrives on being outside, bicycling as transportation has always been an easy choice for Courtney. Courtney originally came to the Santa Barbara area for UCSB's Bren School where she received her master's degree in Environmental Science and Management. After some time spent traveling and living on the East coast, she ended up back in Santa Barbara where she worked for the Coalition for Sustainable Transportation (COAST) as a project manager and eventually as Executive Director. As an independent contractor, Courtney helped with the update to Santa Barbara County's Bicycle Master Plan before transitioning full time to her own business focusing on community outreach and freelance writing.

From bicycle model to event organizer, Courtney helped with CycleMAYnia's kick-off event the Velo Vogue Bicycle Fashion Show for four years. She joined the Bicycle Coalition Board in 2011 and has been thrilled to work with such a dedicated, passionate and fun team of people. Helping foster a community of bicycle riders that are having fun and riding safely is an effort that Courtney finds inspiring.

Diana O'Connell
Diana O'Connell, Treasurer

Diana is a non-profit executive and entrepreneur creating and leading programs that connect people with meaningful, life changing experiences and influence them toward a healthy lifestyle. As a contract CFO Diana helps non-profit executives focus their resources to grow their impact in the community. A Santa Barbara native and UCSB graduate now living in the Santa Ynez Valley, Diana returned home in 2012 after a successful career in Corporate Finance and Management in Silicon Valley and Austin, Texas; she quickly became immersed in the biking, paddling, triathlon, and hiking communities as both an active participant and an organizational leader. Within the framework of providing access, equity, and encouragement, Diana is motivated by the belief that safe cycling education for kids and access to bikes changes lives and creates healthy ambassadors for life. (LCI #4732)

Dave Campbell
Dave Campbell, Board member

Dave Campbell felt welcome the first day he walked into Bici Centro, and from then on, it has been one of his favorite places to be. For him, the shop has been a great place to learn, meet new people, and share ideas. He's taken a couple spills over the years and since rediscovering the joys of riding, he is committed to participating in the local bike movement and making SB a safer place to ride. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Recreation from San Diego State University and has been practicing in Santa Barbara ever since.

John Hygelund
John Hygelund, Board member

John Hygelund is most comfortable around bikes – lots of bikes. In high school, John wrenched at the local bike shop until he got a taste of road racing. He spent the next four years racing road bicycles professionally in the US and Europe before finishing his engineering degree at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Since then he has been building the world's first global robotic telescope for Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope (LCOGT) in Goleta. Along the way he help initiate LCOGT's bike friendly programs and a win in CycleMAYnia's employer challenge. He also founded the popular monthly community ride, Bike Moves, where he first met and then proposed to his wife. He has served as a board member on the Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers and has been an active board member of SBBIKE since 2010. John can be found on Obern trail commuting to work, mountain biking on the front country trails, or whooping it up with new friends at Bike Moves.

Tracey Strobel
Tracey Strobel, Board member

Biking has been a passion of mine for many years. I started out riding a road bike in high school and fell in love with mountain biking soon after I moved to Durango for college. I didn't own a car in so I used my bike to get around town. I can't remember when I didn't have a bike in my life. Or two, or three! I vividly remember my first bike for Christmas in 1977 (a blue Schwinn!) – that was an epic present! I moved to Santa Barbara in 1999 to become the Assistant Manager of the UCSB Associated Students Bike Shop. I was there for several years and became involved with the bicycle community there, primarily mountain biker advocacy and trail maintenance. After leaving the AS bike shop in 2003, I started my own business. I'm an antique dealer, estate seller, and art broker. Throughout my time in Santa Barbara, I've remained involved in cycling and bicycle advocacy. I joined the Bicycle Coalition Board to help make Santa Barbara a better and safer place for cyclists of all types and to get more people feeling safe using bikes in our city.

Frank Peters
Frank Peters, Board Secretary

I rode a bike as a paperboy for the Boston Globe. Today I ride for fun. And for exercise. Touring is my favorite bicycle pastime; I've done many no-car vacations. A recent resident of Santa Barbara I'm turning my pastime into a lifestyle – I walk and ride my bike everywhere I go. I worked on the Newport Beach Bicycle Master Plan, so I have some experience at drawing attention to safe biking. In 2014 I was President of the California Electric Bicycle Association which gave me exposure to lawmaking at the State Capital. I moved to Portland where I feel like I gained an advanced degree in bicycle advocacy. I'm dedicating my experience and my retirement years to better biking in Santa Barbara.

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