Donate a Wishlist Item today, the items listed are needed to keep SBBIKE and Bici Centro serving our community. Your contribution is tax-deductible.

Santa Maria Bici-Centro

  • Microwave
  • Very Tall Ladder
  • Nice Work Bench
  • Hose and Heads for Air Compressor
  • Heavy-Duty Vise
  • Rubber Floor Mats
  • Power Drill
  • Security Camera(s)
  • Projector
  • Speaker Wire
  • Futon or Small Couch
  • Easel
  • Water Hose


Contributions can be made in Santa Maria by contacting Ken Dahmen.

Contributions can be made on the South Coast at Bici Centro, 434 Olive St. during open hours: 12-7pm Tuesday through Saturday.

Thank you!

Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition
P.O. Box 92047, Santa Barbara, CA 93190
506 E. Haley Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93103