Who we are

The newly merged Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition+The Coalition for Sustainable Transportation's (SBBIKE+COAST) mission is to promote walking, bicycling and public transit county-wide to create healthy, sustainable, and equitable communities.

We envision Santa Barbara County as a great place for everyday, year-round bicycling — for transportation and recreation — that is safe and accessible for everyone. We will work toward building healthy and vibrant communities with clean air and low-stress, safe streets.

What we do


Reach people of all ages and abilities to teach how to get around Santa Barbara County safely and confidently by active and sustainable transportation and transform sedentary habits by encouraging physical activities in the schools and promoting healthy lifestyle to the community.

Building Community

Assist, mentor and empower all bicycle riders by managing affordable educational Do-It-Yourself community centers (3 Bici Centros) in a multicultural and bilingual environment and create impactful participatory and volunteering opportunities to our supporting members and the wider community all year round.


Address inequities in transportation planning by promoting bicycling for safe transportation and recreation to create healthy, sustainable and equitable communities in Santa Barbara County.

Collaborative Efforts

Build and foster strong partnerships with local entities to win broad support for healthier, more sustainable and equitable communities in Santa Barbara county.

  • Recent News

    Resolution for 2021: Walk & Roll

    No in person school, no PE classes this month :(

    Walking, biking, scooting or skateboarding to school will become the NEW PE when things get back to normal. Start practicing with your family NOW: it's easy, fun and free exercise for all ages!

    jan_walk_bike_eng_copy.png jan_walk_bike_esp_copy.png

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    LCI spotlight: David Dennis


    Congratulations to David Dennis, SBBIKE Board member in Santa Maria and certified League Cycling Instructor for being featured in the news of the League of American Bicyclists today!

    Read more HERE

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Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition
P.O. Box 92047
Santa Barbara CA 93190
(805) 845-8955
Tax ID: 77-0395986

Bici Centro Locations
Santa Barbara: 434 Olive St (805) 617-3255
Santa Maria: 310 Oak St (805) 623-5763
Santa Barbara City College: 721 Cliff Dr (east end of the bridge over Loma Alta Dr)