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  • published Adult Cycling Classes in Education 2022-01-25 07:11:39 -0800

    Adult Cycling Classes

    Are you comfortable riding in traffic? If not, we have classes for you!

    SBBIKE + COAST is offering adult education programs to learn more about cycling safely and confidently on the streets.

    Confident City Cycling

    We have all the basics to cover about traffic laws, crash avoidance, and lane positioning, but can go into more or less details based on the group. This 2-part class will include an online presentation and an in-person skills practice and group ride around town on the following day. (minimum of 8 participants, maximum of 12 participants)

    Learn to Ride

    We also offer classes for new riders. Our instructors can teach you how to ride a bike in a small group with other learners. In this class we will spend our time on the blacktop away from car traffic while we cover starting and stopping in a straight line, shifting gears, multi-use path etiquette as well as skills for weaving, avoiding hazards, and stopping quickly. (minimum of 4 participants, maximum of 6 participants)

    E-Bike Skills and Safety

    If you recently received or gifted an E-bike, we have a class for that too. With us you can learn E-bike handling, understand your rights and responsibilities as a driver operating a bicycle, and review safety tips and laws for riding on public roadways. This 2-part class will include an online presentation and an in-person skills practice and group ride around town on the following day. (minimum of 8 participants, maximum of 12 participants)

    Learn to Lead Group Rides

    Whether leading children on rides to school or adults for special events, there are some important skills to learn and practice in order to keep the group safe. We can arrange classes with a group of parents, staff or interested adults to cover the necessary points and do group ride practice so you feel more confident while leading a group of riders from one destination to the next.

    Group Classes: You Pick the Date

    If any of these general classes are something you would like to have your group, neighbors, organization, or company utilize, we can also hold classes on other dates to accommodate the whole group schedule.


    • Cost: $10 minimum suggested donation.
    • If there are not enough participants, the class will be canceled (or postponed) and you will be refunded.
    • RSVP online for full course information


    "Thank you for offering this workshop to the community. I attended with friends of differing experience levels riding on city streets. We all learned new safety tips about riding comfortably in traffic. I most appreciated the short group ride because we talked about every intersection and road situation both before and after riding through them. Confident City Cycling is a terrific mix of classroom demonstrations, simple bike maintenance, and cycling."

    —Kate Faulkner, President, Channel Islands Bicycle Club

    "I was an avid cyclist – as a kid I road my bike everywhere. To my surprise, after taking the SBBIKE Confident City Cycling class, I felt much more confident on the road. I knew my rights as a cyclist, how to safely navigating streets with vehicles. I highly recommend this class – you'll become a better cyclist and you can impart bike riding knowledge to kids."

    —Kim Stanley-Zimmerman, Director, Safe Routes to School

    Email Diana for more information.

    Your Pre-Workshop Homework

    Test your knowledge with our ride quiz.
    Para Español aquí

    Check out California's Top 10 Bike Laws.

    Interested in becoming a certified League Cycling Instructor? Confident City Cycling is a pre-requisite.

    Before participating in any group activities with SBBIKE, please fill out the appropriate Adult Waiver (online or printable PDF) and/or Youth Waiver (online or printable PDF).

    Questions? Ask our Adult Ed Programer for more info.

  • published New Year's Resolution: Walk & Roll in News 2021-01-05 16:22:56 -0800

    New Year's Resolution: Walk & Roll!

    Walking, biking, scooting or skateboarding to school is easy, fun and free exercise for all ages!


  • published LCI spotlight: David Dennis in News 2021-01-04 14:35:49 -0800

    LCI spotlight: David Dennis


    Congratulations to David Dennis, SBBIKE Board member in Santa Maria and certified League Cycling Instructor for being featured in the news of the League of American Bicyclists today!

    Read more HERE

  • published Holiday Lights Walk & Roll in News 2020-12-10 11:33:06 -0800

    Holiday Lights Walk & Roll


    Where are the best Christmas lights in Santa Barbara County? After sunset, put on some good walking shoes, grab a flashlight and go explore your neighborhood by foot. You'll be happy to see that this year many residents have decorated their home. YAY, it's FREE and your kids will LOVE it! If you are more adventurous, do a ABC quick check on your bicycle, make sure that you have a charged white bike light in the front and a red one in the back, grab your helmet and enjoy some fresh air while riding to another neighborhood. Popular areas include downtown Santa Barbara, the Westside, Veronica Springs, the Eastside (the Miracle on 1209 East Quinientos), 7544 Carlisle Way in Goleta... Check the FREE Santa Barbara Holiday Light Tour.

    Santa Maria has a contest for Holiday Lights.

    Julefest in Solvang is on the calendar. Happy Holidays! Have fun!


  • published Something you are thankful for in News 2020-11-10 13:48:54 -0800

    Something you are thankful for

    Not sure what to do with your family during Thanksgiving? Here is a fun and healthy activity for all ages. THANK YOU for participating!

    You can print a PDF Bici Bingo in English HERE

    You can print a PDF Bici Bingo in Spanish HERE

    bici_bingo-thanks_eng_copy.png bici_bingo-thanks_esp_copy.png


  • published Great news for the Santa Ynez Valley! in News 2020-11-03 17:02:20 -0800

    Great news for the Santa Ynez Valley!


    Buellton Awarded OTS Grant for Bicycle, Pedestrian Safety and Education Program.

    “Cyclist and pedestrian safety, especially for our youth, is a priority for the City of Buellton,”
    Buellton Mayor Holly Sierra said. “During Covid 19, we want all our residents to enjoy
    the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley by walking and biking safely in order to stay physically and
    mentally healthy."

    Read the Press Release HERE

  • Ride leaders are needed and will be trained!

    Everybody is feeling the "Covid and Zoom fatigue" and is looking for some fun and safe activities during lunch, after zoom schooling and during the week-ends to stay physically and mentally healthy. Let's go for a walk or a ride around the neighborhood: follow the arrows! Read last week news coverage HERE

    The PE teacher at Harding University Partnership School recruited cohorts of students (age 4-11) to participate in an after-school bike club (M-Th: 3:30-4:30pm). The bike boom is happening in many neighborhoods, maybe in yours? What about hosting a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Halloween Bike Ride? (bilingual flyer at the bottom)

    SBBIKE and COAST are looking for ride ambassadors/leaders to join the momentum and fun time! A FREE 45-minute, online refresher class is required before you join us.
    Please attend the FREE Virtual Confident City Cycling on Monday, October 26th at 6:00pm.




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  • published Active Transportation Plan in Santa Maria in News 2020-09-26 07:43:14 -0700

    Active Transportation Plan in Santa Maria


    The city of Santa Maria is encouraging public comments about Active Santa Maria, a guide for building a bicycle and pedestrian network that will provide safe, affordable and accessible transportation alternatives for residents. 

    Consider attending a virtual town hall from 4 to 5 p.m on Wednesday, September 30, 2020 and please make some public comments. To attend, visit No registration is required.

    The plan is posted online at


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  • published Bike to Nature in News 2020-09-04 08:54:38 -0700

    Bike to Nature



    Bike to Nature is a collaborative effort between SBBIKE/Safe Routes to School and the Wilderness Youth Project (WYP) to offer an outdoor program to small groups of students who will use a bicycle as a mode of transportation to access and connect with nature. This healthy, educational and fun program will run for the entire school year alternating cohort A and cohort B each week. Students will bring their own helmet and a bike in working condition. Limited number of loaner bikes available.

    Contact SBBIKE Education Director if you want to bring a biking program to your youth during or after school hours.

    Check the Family Walk and Roll page for ideas of activities or neighborhood routes all over Santa Barbara County.

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  • published Comment for Santa Ynez River Trail in News 2020-07-24 13:49:04 -0700

    Comment for Santa Ynez River Trail

    Santa Barbara County, Buellton, Solvang and the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments are working together to study the potential Santa Ynez River Trail that would provide a safe connection between Buellton and Solvang for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians. 

    “The goal is not to decide on a final route now,” said Lauren Bianchi Klemann, public information manager for SBCAG. “We’re just gathering information that will be used in future decisions.”

    Currently, the only route between Buellton and Solvang for pedestrians, bicyclists and equestrians is along the shoulders of two-lane Highway 246, where traffic generally flows at 55 mph but at times can become severely congested. During peak afternoon periods, as many as 2,000 vehicles an hour can travel that stretch of highway where there are no sidewalks, improved trails nor barriers to protect walkers, cyclists and horseback riders.


    See the routes, make a comment

    Santa Ynez Valley residents and visitors can view potential routes for the Santa Ynez River Trail and provide their comments through the interactive website at

    Comments can also be emailed to Jared Carvalho, project manager, at [email protected] 


  • published We're All On State Together in News 2020-06-04 16:58:40 -0700

    We're All On State Together

    The City will be posting signs in the promenade zone of State Street this weekend. Keep an eye out for those guidelines made to keep everyone safe and to keep bikes allowed on State Street. Also, here are our suggestions for a courteous experience for all.


    Read more

  • Ride Healthy- “Biking in the Coronavirus Era.”


    Love to Ride has put together an amazing guide called Ride Healthy- “Biking in the Coronavirus Era.”

    You can explore how riding a bike is good for your health, immune system, how to start riding and how to do it with social distance.

    This is a great resource that you can read and share.

  • published Bicycling etiquette during COVID 19 in News 2020-04-01 10:10:26 -0700

    Bicycling etiquette during COVID 19

    Enjoy time on a bike with your immediate family on the empty streets while still honoring the social distancing orders. Feel free to download.


    Disfruta del tiempo en bicicleta con tu familia directa en las calles vacías mientras sigues honrando el distanciamiento social. Siéntase libre de descargar.


  • published SBBIKE Fundraiser is postponed in News 2020-03-11 11:42:48 -0700

    SBBIKE Annual Fundraiser is postponed


    As a precautionary measure due to Coronavirus spread all over the country, it's with heavy hearts that we announce the cancellation of the Annual SBBIKE Fundraiser at John and Tania Burke's home scheduled on Sunday, May 17th. But please don't despair. We are exploring options for rescheduling this fun event. Stay tuned. Thank you for your support and keep on riding!

  • published End of Year Appeal 2019 in News 2019-12-04 18:14:41 -0800

    SBBIKE's End of Year Appeal

    Dearest SBBIKE Supporter!

    Second grader Albert Varelas has a degenerative muscle disease which he was told would make bicycling impossible. But thanks to the insight of his teachers at Tunnel Elementary and to Bici Santa Maria’s Ken Dahmen’s work on a GoFundMe campaign and a grant, Albert is now cruising on a specially designed bike alongside his friends. His smiles, and hundreds of others, are our greatest reward.

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