Ask Goleta Council Tuesday for a Strong Bike/Walk Plan

The City of Goleta needs you! Council takes up the BPMP for final vote Tuesday (Oct. 16, 6 pm). Join SBBIKE, COAST, and CEC to ask for changes that leave the status quo in the dust.

The City of Goleta can be a statewide and national leader in active transportation! During an impressive community outreach process at the outset of Goleta’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (BMPB) project, residents enthusiastically agreed. The mode share goals currently set by the Goleta BPMP, however, are underwhelming, setting targets just above the current status quo. In a joint letter to Mayor Paula Perrote and councilmembers, the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition, the Coalition for Sustainable Transportation, and the Community Environmental Council asked the city to adopt a plan with strong mode share targets that will ensure active transportation in Goleta reaches its potential and beyond and one that reflects what Goletans asked for. Support that change. Join SBBIKE, COAST, and the CEC at Goleta City Hall on Tuesday, Oct. 16, at 6 pm to thank planners for their hard work, ask City Council to adopt the BPMP—with an important change—so that the plan is good for the Goodland. RSVP. Write to or call your councilmembers. Make sure your voices are heard!

BPMP as is: Sets low targets

As is, the Goleta BPMP sets a target to increase walking and bicycling mode share to 10 percent by 2025 and 15 percent by 2030. The current combined mode share for walking and bicycling is 8 percent. So that 2025 goal aims for a mere 2 percent increase in bicycling and walking trips over the next seven years. It’s a low goalpost that doesn’t reflect community consensus to improve and increase cycling and walking in the Goodland.

Think about this: This goal wouldn’t require change to the transportation element of the city’s General Plan. As the joint letter to council states, “Let's recognize the hundreds of Goletans who took the time to inform this plan and the direction of this city. We need a real goal, and ongoing efforts to make that goal into reality.”

BPMP good for the Goodland: Ensures equity and access

Ask council to adopt a combined bicycling and walking mode share target of 15 percent by 2025 and 20 percent by 2030. These mode share targets are ambitious and attainable. To boot, they’re consistent with both the vision of the Goleta BPMP and Climate Action Plan implementation.

Now’s the time to ensure that the projects on the table during the public outreach process “move forward from inception to physical realities that will give more Goleta residents the confidence to pedal and walk their communities.”

It’s also important to ask the City of Goleta to put funds behind those goals. That means updating the Goleta Transportation Improvement Plans (GTIP) to provide a reliable stream of funding to transportation projects. Council might look to the City of San Luis Obispo as an example. There, allocation of general funds to transportation matches long-term mode share targets. So 20 percent of the transportation goes to bicycle improvements—because 20 percent is the city’s target for bicycle mode share.

Here’s why a combined bicycling and walking mode share target of 15 percent by 2025 and 20 percent by 2030 is so good for the Goodland. One, it’s what Goletans asked for. Two, “By their nature, BPMP projects and programs require collaboration across different departments.” And, with institutional changes in place in the City of Goleta, it’s a great time to work together. Three, it’s in alignment with the city’s community development, transportation, and climate action goals.

Sound good? Tell Goleta City Council what you think. Join us at 6 pm on Tuesday, October 16, at Goleta City Hall.

A good BPMP goes hand in handlebar with Climate Action Plan

What would go great with continued BPMP work? A Climate Action Plan that makes the Goodland more livable and enjoyable for all Goletans of all income levels, however they get around. Ask the city to implement that plan and to track progress toward these important objectives:

  • Built Environment 3: Compact & Complete Communities – Concentrate development in compact, human-scaled, walkable centers and neighborhoods that connect to public transit, offer diverse uses and services, and provide housing options for families of all income levels
  • Built Environment 7: Transportation Choices – Promote diverse transportation modes, including walking, bicycling, and public transit, that are safe, low-cost, and reduce vehicle miles traveled
  • Climate & Energy 2: Greenhouse Gas Mitigation – Achieve greenhouse gas emissions reductions throughout the community
  • Climate & Energy 3: Greening the Energy Supply – Transition the local energy supply for both transportation and non-mobile sources toward the use of renewable, less carbon-intensive, and less toxic alternatives
  • Education, Arts, & Community: Community Cohesion – Promote socially cohesive neighborhoods where residents are connected, have a sense of place, and feel committed to their community
  • Business & Economy 3: Green Market Development (via bicycle tourism)
  • Equity & Empowerment 3: Environmental Justice (via increased access to affordable, clean, and safe mobility options)
  • Equity & Empowerment 4: Equitable Services & Access – Establish equitable spatial access to foundational community assets within and between neighborhoods and populations
  • Health & Safety 1: Active Living – Enable adults and kids to maintain healthy, active lifestyles by integrating physical activity into their daily routines
  • • Health & Safety 7: Safe Communities (via reduced traffic collision injuries and fatalities through enforcement and Vision Zero) – Prevent and reduce crime and increase perceptions of safety through interagency collaboration and with residents as empowered partners

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