Bath Street bike lane gets buffered

bath.jpgPeople should still bike along the biker symbol, the left section is a new buffer 

Monday morning was the debut of a new Bath Street between Haley and Carrillo St. The newly repaved Bath Street features several improvements, most notably, a new painted buffer between the bike and car lane. This project is a win-win for people biking, walking and driving on Bath Street.

Buffered bike lanes are great because they make it easy to follow California’s 3-Foot Passing Law, which requires that car drivers give 3 feet of clearance minimum when passing a person on a bicycle. By providing more space, buffers helps people on bikes feel safer around traffic, make bicyclists more visible, and can discourage speeding on the street. Most notably, better and more robust bike lanes like make biking appeal to a broader range of people of all experience and fitness levels. When surveyed, 9 in 10 bicyclists prefer a buffered bike lane to a standard bike lane and 7 in 10 bicyclists were willing to bike out of their way to use a buffered bike lane.

This project also added new, highly-visible ladder crosswalks at Haley and Carrillo. These make people on foot more visible and discourage drivers stopping in the crosswalk, making the street safer for people walking. You may also notice that at intersections, the bike lane becomes dashed on both sides but continues through the intersection. This indicates an area where cars may be turning or moving through (a "conflict zone"). Dashing the line through the intersection is another safety feature that works by providing drivers with a visible cue of where to expect people on bicycles. Residents along Bath Street with driveways face the street have the added benefit of a calmer street and safer exit when backing cars out onto the street. 

What do you think of the new Bath Street? Email [email protected] and let us know! Happy biking!

crosswalk.jpgNew ladder crosswalks make it better for people crossing the street at Haley + Bath and Carrillo + Bath!

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