Bici/SBBIKE Unites Riders in Oregon

Two of the many great aspects of Bici and the community bike shop model is the capacity to bring people together and to inspire undertakings perhaps not otherwise imagined.

Hi from the Oregon (soon California) coast! Holly here. Ever since I first volunteered with Bici Centro / SBBIKE (and discovered bike packing was a thing), a bike tour has been brewing in my mind. Thanks to Mike Vergeer and CycleMAYnia's Tour de Tent, the idea fermented. This spring, SBBIKE Art Director and DIYer extraordinaire Cynthia Stahl helped me sew super rad bike bags for the front of my bike. Bici Centro volunteers and staff helped ensure my sweet red steed was ready for the ride. And while installing new brake pads, I chatted bike tour plans with volunteer Dan Livingston—who would just happen to be in the area at the same time and available to join for the first few days of the journey down the coast.

And thus, two weeks back, two Bici Centro regulars, one sporting Bici green socks and the other a Bici green water bottle in a Cynthia-inspired DIY feedbag and purple pannier labeled Ed France inside (reuse!), headed down the coast. As we flew down the heady, winding downhills of the 101, I thought of Bici SB's Dominic Clark's inspiring words about the magic of the bike enabling you to do what you shouldn't be doing.

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