Bicycling into a Climate Resilient Future

This general climate strike movement is an assertion by youth that those of us in the working world, the private sector, public sector, government and academia, are simply not making the change that is necessary to slow the acceleration of the greenhouse effect and climate change.

I think they are right. In my personal opinion, even the 'movement' to address climate change is missing the mark. We can't 'buy' our way out of this problem. We need to choose to live more simply. Smaller homes, less flying, less commuting, a plant based diet. A significantly slimmer carbon footprint. And the best part is that this can be a much happier way to live.

We advocate for bicycling not because of climate directly, but because it is an elegant, human scale solution for transportation. It is a symbol of living within our means. Our means might require, electric assist, and that's fine. A 50 lbs e-bike is fun and still an order of magnitude more efficient than a 4,600 lbs Tesla. It also takes an order of magnitude less energy to manufacture, and doesn't take up parking space or congest rush hour traffic.

Bikes are affordable and fun, and contribute to healthy lifestyles. Every hour you ride a bike adds over an hour to your average expected lifespan. They connect our communities and people to natural settings. They also radically reduce our carbon footprint. No one should ever guilt someone into riding a bike for the climate, but showing how much fun it can be and affordable to boot is what SBBIKE is all about.

So, whether you join the Youth Climate Strike (September 20th), the general Climate Strike (September 27th), or simply ride your bike or e-bike for a new trip, let us all acknowledge the message from the youth. We need to do more. We can do more. And it can be a positive, fun, community building experience doing so.

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