Board of Directors

    • Amy Steinfeld, President
    • David Dennis
    • Dawn Mitcham
    • Nancy Mulholland
    • Blake Stok



The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition is a county-wide organization that promotes bicycling for safe transportation and recreation.


We envision Santa Barbara County as a great place for everyday, year-round bicycling – for transportation and recreation – that is safe and accessible for everyone. We will work toward building healthy and vibrant communities with clean air and low-stress, safe streets.


The Board of Directors of the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition, subject to any limitations in the Article of Incorporation and the laws of the State of California, exercises all corporation powers and controls the business and affairs of the Coalition. It guides organizational planning and sets priorities among competing demands for resources.
The Board is made up of volunteers who bring a passion for the Mission and Vision of the organization and specific skill sets, including leadership and management experience and philanthropic experience, to the overall governance of the organization. They are appointed to two year terms and are expected to fulfill the duties listed below while always asking good and timely questions as part of their oversight duties. Board members commit to 10 meetings a year plus additional preparation time and participation in Board Committees.


1. Determine the Organization’s Mission and Purpose

2. Select the Executive Director

3. Support the Executive Director and Review his/her Performance

4. Insure Effective Organizational Planning

5. Ensure Adequate Resources

6. Manage Resources Effectively

7. Determine and Monitor the Organization’s Programs & Services

8. Enhance the Organization’s Public Image.

9. Provide Oversight of HR policies and procedures including a formal grievance policy.

10. Assess its Own Performance (every 3-5 years)


The Coalition’s Executive Director makes day-to-day management decisions and is responsible for the general implementation of the Board’s instructions based on a budget as passed and amended and any other specific goals of the Board. The E.D. manages staff and the activities of the organization The Board, acting together, has the authority to hire, fire, and manage the Executive Director. Board members, acting individually, can advise and assist the E.D. but do not have management authority. Even so, the Executive Director answers to the board of directors who represent the Coalition members and stakeholders.

Procedure for appointing new Board of Director members:

Thank you for considering serving on the SBBike Board of Directors. Here is the procedure for the appointment of new Board members:

  1. Potential nominee attends at least three(3) Board meetings as an observer to assess interest in serving in this volunteer capacity;

  2. The potential nominee submits a completed Board of Directors Application to;

  3. The Governance Committee reviews all applications, interviews all nominees, and makes a recommendation to the full Board;

  4. The Board receives the Committee recommendation and votes on appointment.


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