Can Every Kid Learn to Ride a Bike?



Can every kid learn to ride a bike?


Do you remember learning to ride a bike? You'd be surprised to know that many kids in Santa Barbara haven't had that opportunity. Whereas learning to ride, and riding to school used to be a rite of passage, learning to bicycle has become for many like swiming, an important skill that families would like their kids to be able to learn, but haven't had the opportunity.

Santa Barbara School PE teacher Julie Churchman (of Adams School- Go Tigers) and our SBBIIKE Education Director Christine Bourgeois are currently in Washington D.C. where they are learning from a D.C. program that teaches EVERY 2nd grader how to ride a bicycle- in school, in PE.  Santa Barbara has been pioneering bicycle safety education, with 1-5th grade bike education at Adams school, Safe Routes to School operated by COAST, and various SBBIKE education programs such as the collaboration SBici- the student run Bicycle Club at Santa Barbara High School. In fact, both Julie and Christine presented this week at the National Bike Summit. Cross Pollinating with the best bicycle education programs in the country is part of how we can achieve our vision of universal access to bicycle education in Santa Barbara County.

With the support of outside funding, Santa Barbara School District will be piloting 2nd grade bicycle education in PE at three Schools. Four parochial schools in the county will also be providing this opportunity to all of their 2nd grade students. With help from SBBIKE and COAST staff, PE teachers will get up to date with the best methods to teach how to ride, and safely. Tune in for updates on this program as we all work together to share the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike with public and private school students throughout Santa Barbara County! 

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