SBBIKE's End of Year Appeal

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With your help we are realizing our vision through Advocacy, Education, and Engaging residents throughout Santa Barbara County. SBBIKE staff and volunteers educated and engaged through face to face support 9,275 aspiring bicyclists this year. Meanwhile our years of strong advocacy have yielded $85 million in bikeway projects currently underway! With future state funding recently saved, and ambitious bike plans rolling out, now is the pivotal time to grow cycling!

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Our collaborations have secured funding for:

  • Las Positas/Modoc Bikeway
  • Rincon/Carpinteria Bikeway
  • Santa Claus Lane/Carpinteria Bikeway
  • Westside to Eastside SB Greenway
  • Critical future project state funding



This year, working with schools and partners like COAST, we have rigorously trained 3,200 students in safe bicycling right in their PE classes. The program is in 20 schools from Carpinteria to Santa Maria.

The Story

Josue is a 6th grader at McKinley Elementary. When the bike education program started in his PE class, he wanted to learn how to ride a bike but was scared. A dedicated instructor tutored him during lunch time in order to stay with the rest of the class. Josue was so excited when he started to pedal by himself. His hard work was rewarded with a refurbished bike from Bici Centro. Now he and his father, proud of his son and very thankful that somebody had the patience to help his child, ride to school together. Christine Bourgeois, Education Director, says: "I'll never forget his hug and his face when I gave him the bike."



This year, through Bici Centro centers in Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, and SB City College, we have helped 1,800 people make needed repairs on their bikes. We distributed over 1,000 needed bike lights countywide. We helped launch a bikeshare program at UCSB and Isla Vista that is putting 800 shared bikes on the ground. We've also valet parked well over 3,500 bikes this year. That's a lot of butts on bikes! Our volunteers inform and leverage our nationally leading work despite limited staff and funding, making your support cycle far! As we build community, we are building the next generation of bikeways, proven opportunities for much needed physical activity to the next generation of cyclists!

Your support now means a legacy for cycling

Our vision is a safe, integrated bikeway network where neighborhoods connect to beaches, parks, schools and work. We have a clear vision, a proven track record, and a once in a generation opportunity in 2019 to fulfill our vision. Your donation is an over 200x return on investment in new bikeways. Donate today to help continue to realize our vision.

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Results are in!
Biking gives kids freedom, independence, and physical exercise makes them smarter! Research is showing that the brain processes information better after exercise and that the effect of exercise is greater than the effect of diet on concentration. Additionally, Kids who participate in bike trains (riding to school in groups) are shown to continue habits of increased exercise. Contribute to this virtuous cycle!


The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, so donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

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