SBBIKE's End of Year Appeal

Dearest SBBIKE Supporter!

Second grader Albert Varelas has a degenerative muscle disease which he was told would make bicycling impossible. But thanks to the insight of his teachers at Tunnel Elementary and to Bici Santa Maria’s Ken Dahmen’s work on a GoFundMe campaign and a grant, Albert is now cruising on a specially designed bike alongside his friends. His smiles, and hundreds of others, are our greatest reward.


This year, over 4,000 kids across Santa Barbara County rode bicycles in SBBIKE led P.E. programs at 25 schools. For 570 of them, it was the only way that they, like Albert, learned to ride. Every week since mid-August, SBBIKE’s trailer has been booked in the North County, carrying its fleet of shining metal steeds to help second and third graders learn to ride safely. Across the county, we gifted 150 kids bikes of their own. Just imagine all the smiles!

Bici Centro

At Bici Centro , our DIY bike shops in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria, your donations are not only providing bikes for kids, but keeping our programs going to provide a valuable service to our cycling community. The demand for our Bici Centro services are growing, and we are looking for innovative ways to support the cycling community in other parts of the county, including the vision of funding mobile Bici’s to provide affordable services throughout the county, and to maintain the ever growing number of bike fleets used in schools across the county. We have also led the way for the approval of Bike/Pedestrian Master Plans in Santa Barbara, Goleta, Santa Maria, and Santa Ynez, ensuring that $100,000,000 in state funds were awarded to continue adding and improving infrastructure to create safe bike routes.

In Short

We are making the challenge of transition—our Executive Director’s departure and appointment of an Interim Executive Director—into an opportunity to build on our amazing successes and address the remaining challenges. SBBIKE is streaming forward more swiftly and steadily than ever, and looking to you to continue to be the strong wind at our backs. As change occurs, we at SBBIKE are joyfully picking up the pace, brimming with appreciation for all the donors, volunteers and partners who’ve helped us get here and thrilled about what’s to come—more growth, more resources, and more encouraging stories like Albert’s.


Your gift of $10, $100, $500, or $5,000 will directly support the many individuals whose combined perseverance and vivacity make the uphill climbs possible, one pedal stroke at a time. Those accomplishments will build a future where bicycles are part of the solution. The youth of Santa Barbara County—all of them—will have an opportunity to learn to ride, and the infrastructure and culture will ensure that everyone who chooses to ride, can do so safely. We’re cruising toward that vision with the tailwind created by our amazing and generous supporters! Cruise with us, please.

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The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, so donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

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