Family Cycling

How to best teach how to ride a bike

How to best teach how to ride a bike (with Spanish subtitles)

Working with new learners who are scared.

Avoid surprises and keep their trust. Begin every lesson by practicing preparing-to-stop by bracing both arms -- *not* with the rider seated on the bike but while they are walking it on their right side, with both arms outstretched and activated but not rigid. 

Hold lessons on gently inclined schoolyards or parking lots, with slopes sufficient to reduce the effort needed to propel the bike into a walk-then-glide, but not steep enough that the bike continues to pick up speed.

Walk on the left side, matching the rider's speed, and hold the seat with your right hand.  Make an agreement that you will release your hand so they pedal on their own *only* when they tell you "OK", and not before.  Upon hearing "OK", make your own determination before actually releasing, and if they're ready (i.e. mostly balanced) you will say, "Letting go in 3... 2... 1... (release)". 

Bilingual video for children (ages 5-9).

After watching video, more educational material available HERE

Bilingual video for teens (ages 10-18). 

After watching video, more educational material available HERE

From our friends at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, check out the best, all-encompassing resource on biking with your children. You will find info on everything from biking while pregnant to biking with pre-teens. Download the free SFBike's Family Biking Guide.


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