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SBBIKE & COAST have laid out safe, family-friendly routes in local neighborhoods to keep you happy and healthy and get you back on your bicycles! You can walk, scooter or skateboard these routes too! EVERYONE is encouraged to stay physically active!
All of the routes are loops, so wherever you find one of these arrows on the road, you can start following them to eventually end up right back where you started.
  • For a short loop (1–2 miles): follow the green arrows.
  • For a slightly bigger loop (3–5 miles): look for blue arrows.
  • Long routes (6–9 miles) don't have arrows; follow the Neighborhood Routes online maps using your phone.


  • HELMETS: Riders under the age of 18 must wear helmets (California law). SBBIKE recommends all riders to wear a helmet. Brief video for proper helmet fitting.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: Stay 6-feet away unless you are riding with your family.
  • RULES OF THE ROAD: Ride with traffic, ride straight, use hand signals, do what the signs say. Top 10 bike laws in CA
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  • HOW-TO VIDEOS: Youth & adult educational material to watch before riding on the streets.
  • RIDING WITH KIDS: If at all possible, when you only have one adult let the kids lead so you can see them from behind.
  • BRIGHT & LIGHT: Whether riding day or night, you and your family are more visible (and therefore SAFER) wearing bright colors and light shades. Quick "Toe to Head" video
  • SICK: If you are feeling sick in any way, please stay home to take care of yourself and protect others. Bicycling etiquette during COVID‑19. 

Before participating in any group activities with SBBIKE, please fill out the appropriate Youth Waiver (online or printable PDF) and/or Adult Waiver (online or printable PDF).

Questions - Suggestions:

Email: [email protected]

SBCAG Traffic Solutions helped develop the Family Walk & Roll program with branding and marketing support and CycleMAYnia Measure A funds.

Stronger Together. Safely Apart.

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