Family Walk & Roll Challenge

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Each month we have challenges posted here and on Instagram: @familywalkandroll


Challenge: Walk and Roll Themed Street Art Let’s bring I Madonnari into the Walk and Roll Scene! Take pictures of your decorated street, sidewalk (Or make a poster if you can’t get your hands on chalk, then hang it on your window or somewhere on your house!) Do your chalk art anywhere, but we’d really love to see it along one of the many routes that we have listed!

Alexa, Brandon School. "Be safe if you are chalking in the street"


CONTEST: Take a picture of your art and submit it to (Limited number of prizes available.)

MAY is bike month! So let’s celebrate by riding on the Family Walk and Roll routes and have some artistic fun too! We have some fun prizes to give away for walk and roll themed creativity!


Distance Challenge! You may need to work up to this, so let's get riding and reach your goal.

  • Ages 4-6 year old: 5 miles in a day
  • Ages 7-10 year old: 8 miles in a day
  • Ages 11-14 year old: 12 miles in a day
  • Ages 15-18: 15 miles in a day
  • Choose a Family Walk and Roll route that will allow you to meet your goal.
  • Submit either your Strava track or a picture of you on your route to
  • Please include your name, age and school in the email.


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