Family Walk & Roll Integrated Curriculum: HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION

Get out and Ride (Gr. K-1)Family Walk & Roll Neighborhood Routes Walk or ride the routes! Have some fun! Do a treasure hunt! See how long it takes you to do a route. Challenge yourself to walk or ride further! Get friends together to ride or walk for exercise and transportation. (

Invite COAST/SB BIKE to join youBike Education in your school (or neighborhood!) You can also have a blender party for your class as a reward for walking and rolling! Contact: [email protected]

Plan & Host a Mini-Health FairShowcase exercise options (like the bike), healthy food recipes and snacks, summertime fun that promotes a healthy lifestyle. This could be just for your grade level, the upper grades, or you could go big and partner with your PTA to plan a school wide event.

Plan & Host a Family Bike Night/Bici FamiliaInvite parents & students to a fun & educational bike event in your neighborhood or at your school. (We will help you!)

Create an Activity Plan (Gr. 4-6)Have children identify their schedules and modify the list to add physical activity to their week. Walking to destinations is a great way to add physical activity to a busy schedule. Create a week-long calendar that breaks each day down by the hour between 5 a.m. and 9 p.m. Have children:

  • Fill in activities and obligations.
  • Highlight time slots that already have physical activity built in (soccer practice, walking to school, walking the dog).
  • Identify time slots available for physical activity.
  • Add physical activity of their choice to days where it is lacking. 
  • Identify ways they could add physical activity to time they have committed to other obligations (i.e. walk to church instead of drive).
  • Share their calendar with their parents/guardians and include at least one family physical activity per week to incorporate into the Activity Plan.

Ride to SchoolWhen you go back to school, start your own bike train! Ride to school daily with pride that you are not using fossil fuels to move about your community, you are not creating traffic, you are inspiring others and getting good exercise to boot. Encourage your friends and neighbors to ride with you. If you need a parent, recruit one. Expand your horizons to inspire friends to ride together to local gathering places like the park, beach, or sports practices. Watch how to start a bike train video

Bicycle Friendly Business

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Bici Centro Locations
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