Family Walk & Roll Integrated Curriculum: Media Arts

Still Photo ChallengeCreate a class or neighborhood photo contest! Subjects could include: bikes and kids, from behind the handlebars, a family of bikes, bikes and dirt, bikes and smiles, bikes and flowers, etc. Walking is great too.  Photos could include walking in the neighborhood, walking to a specific destination (beach, park, hike, etc.) and what you saw on the way. You can also share your photos on Instagram: @FamilyWalkAndRoll

Create a VideoCreate a class or neighborhood 2 min video contest!  Videos can highlight any creative or educational topic.  Here are some samples:

  • Why do you like to ride or walk?
  • Tell us about your favorite trip. 
  • Demonstrate the ABC quick check. 
  • Show us how to check your body before you ride.
  • Dramatize safe and unsafe walking scenarios.
  • Show us how you would prepare for your walk, with safety and fun in mind!

(More information and sample videos at  Share your video with us! [email protected]

Post and PromotePost a series of pictures about your bike rides or walks.  You can post them to the Family Walk and Roll Instagram page @FamilyWalkAndRoll

CollageCreate a poster or collage about staying active.  Possible topics include:

  • Walking or riding for transportation to school or elsewhere
  • Comparing the space bikes and pedestrians take vs the space cars require
  • Riding and walking in the dirt and trails
  • Going with friends. 

Then contact your school, library or SB Bike ([email protected]) and see if they will display your art!

Bicycle Friendly Business

Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition
P.O. Box 92047
Santa Barbara CA 93190
(805) 845-8955
Tax ID: 77-0395986

Bici Centro Locations
Santa Barbara: 434 Olive St (805) 617-3255
Santa Maria: 310 Oak St (805) 623-5763
Santa Barbara City College: 721 Cliff Dr (east end of the bridge over Loma Alta Dr)