Family Walk & Roll Integrated Curriculum: SCIENCE

Picture DictionaryHave students create a “picture dictionary” which details the function of each of the key bicycle parts.

Human Performance & the BikeDiscuss how the bicycle is among the most unique human powered machines.

Visit Bici Centro (community DIY bike shop)Learn how the bike works. Learn how to fix a flat tire, clean and replace a chain, adjust your brakes and gears, etc.

AssemblagePut a bike together from parts. You can gather parts from friends and neighbors, your local bike shop and Bici Centro. Create something you can be proud of.

Colors (Gr. K-1)Have students examine their own clothing to differentiate if it is “dark” or “bright.” Allow children to demonstrate the visibility of bright versus dark colored clothing and reflective materials. A very bright flashlight can be used to simulate a car’s headlights on reflective material. Children should justify why they chose certain colors and analyze their choices after the simulations take place.

Bicycle Friendly Business

Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition
P.O. Box 92047
Santa Barbara CA 93190
(805) 845-8955
Tax ID: 77-0395986

Bici Centro Locations
Santa Barbara: 434 Olive St (805) 617-3255
Santa Maria: 310 Oak St (805) 623-5763
Santa Barbara City College: 721 Cliff Dr (east end of the bridge over Loma Alta Dr)