Leading the State? SB Pulls Ahead as a Cycling City

What do you do when your city's national ranking among communities serious about cycling goes from 120th to 12th in the nation? And 1st in California?

You celebrate and honor that work in the home of the national leaders in bicycle advocacy, presidents of Trek Bicycle and Trek Travel, John and Tania Burke.

So, join us Sunday May 19th at 5pm at the Burke's lovely Montecito blufftop residence for SBBIKE's annual event.

But before that you read the press release to explain what this new system is and how it works...

So how did we do it? It's no secret that the City of Santa Barbara has been the most successful city in the state in winning Active Transportation Program funding for needed bike infrastructure. The other cities in our county are also not too far behind. The People for Bikes new, innovative and quantitative ranking system uses five key evaluative criteria:


The score ranks cities based on five key areas: ridership (how many people ride bikes), safety (how safe is it to ride bikes), network (how easy is it for people to get where they need to go), acceleration (how fast is the bike network expanding) and reach (how well the network serves all neighborhoods in the community). These scores are derived from hundreds of data points from sources including updated maps of different types of lanes (https://bna.peopleforbikes.org/#/methodology), the Census Bureau’s data on how people to commute to work (https://www.census.gov/topics/employment/commuting.html), transportation related injury and death statistics (http://iswitrs.chp.ca.gov/Reports/jsp/userLogin.do), and a community survey filled out by at least 50 residents of each city.

Want to help this work continue? Buy your tickets now to our annual advocacy fundraising event at the Burke's Montecito home on Sunday, May 19th.

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