Los Alamos Youth Get Bikes

Kids exploring their worlds on bicycles during summer break—picture perfect. Fifteen Los Alamos youth will be doing just that, thanks to a recent bike giveaway.

Last week, fifteen Los Alamos kids received the gift of freedom and joy that is a bicycle. The Los Alamos Valley Men’s Club purchased the bikes, freshly refurbished by Bici Centro Santa Maria. Santa Maria California Highway Patrol donated new helmets for each participant. And Bici SM hosted the giveaway.

SBBIKE is stoked to continue growing and expanding the ability to ensure all in the county who want access to bicycles are able to have them, thanks to organizational growth and continued collaborations.

Thank you, Vickie Gill for leading the giveaway effort. Thank you, Los Alamos Valley Men's Club. Thank you, SM CHP. Thank you, Kam Jacoby for the fabulous photos. And thank you, Bici Centro staff for hosting a fun, educational event for a group of kids who will be riding for the rest of the summer.

Bici Santa Maria Program Manager Ken Dahmen shakes hands with this pround owner of a newly refurbished bike. (Photos by KAM JACOBY, kamjacoby.com)