Lunch and Learn

What's for lunch? Easy bicycle maintenance


Forward thinking companies are jumping on the bandwagon to promote Health & Wellness and Active Lifestyle programs for their employees. They're also thinking of becoming a Bicycle-Friendly Business.

We'll come to your workplace or community group to teach a FREE workshop covering laws, skills and basic gear during lunch for a group of 6 participants or more. This is a great introductory session for people who are new to bicycling or interested in learning more.

The structure for a "Lunch & Learn" is very flexible; our certified League Cycling Instructors will do their best to accommodate you.


Understand your rights & responsibilities as a driver operating a bicycle safely and legally on public roadways. Most importantly, develop the ability to identify unsafe traffic situations and make decisions that can prevent crashes and collisions.

View videos and test your knowledge with our Ride Safely Quiz. Para Español Aquí


Want to offer a group ride for your company? Contact the Education Director for scheduling a group ride.

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