Make Our Newest Bike Lane SAFE

This Tuesday (Tomorrow!) at 3:30 to 4pm Santa Barbara City Council will decide on a final configuration for Cabrillo Boulevard east of the Zoo (Los Niños).

This is a pavement maintenance re-stripe--our opportunity for 'free' bike lanes. Both options presented here (link) provide for an eastbound bike lane and added parking taking advantage of the lane 'diet' necessary to reduce excessive speed that has been the cause of multiple collisions, including a recent fatality. It looks like tomorrow will be a win for bike connectivity and for Vision Zero.

Outreach Coordinator Myrna Muñoz just printed this Cabrillo image on our new plotter

But we need your help! There is one option that is clearly safer for bicyclists and adds more needed coastal resource parking. Pressure from local residents has steered toward an option that doesn't adequately slow traffic near the bike lane and the new back-in angled parking. This option presents vehicular speed risks for collisions with cyclists and confusion for those parking-causing more potential conflict with cyclists by keeping parallel parking.

Email City Council: (below is the email that SBBIKE has just sent, use or modify as you like)

"Murillo, Cathy" <[email protected]>
"Rowse, Randy" <[email protected]>
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Jason Dominguez <[email protected]>
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Dear Mayor and Council,

As a bicyclist and beachgoer, I support option 2 (the original vision zero proposal) to maximize safety by best controlling for speed as well as providing more parking where its needed most. While the compromise Option 3 tries to address concerns from residents, mostly regarding safety perception issues, the option is simply not as safe and is likely to confuse beachgoers with the reduced, two types of parking.

As a reminder, it was the poor sight-lines of the parallel parking contributed to the fatal vehicular accident with a motorcyclist. Retaining parallel  parking in the design would retain this 'fatal flaw' but now for passing cyclists who are outside of a motorists filed of view

Option 2, with an all way stop at Los Ninos will prevent high speed conflicts and poor visibility, which are the contributors to the severe crashes. Option 2 is THE Vision Zero treatment and best suits beachgoers, cyclists, motorists, and best prevents confusion that could result in collisions. While there is understandably a negative perception of the all way stop instead of a signalized intersection, it has been demonstrated to work safely, and is the key to ensuring reduction in traffic speeds before the merger of eastbound lanes where the bike lanes are being added.

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