Sunny Fields Spur: Part of Transforming Santa Ynez Valley

In a huge win at Solvang City Council this week, the Sunny Fields Spur went from an idea to a state grant application.
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Two Major Cycling Victories in SYV


Our local bicycling community at large should be very proud that we won two major victories this past week.

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Inspiring the Community to Ride

This year, the theme for the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival is 'Inspire.' When SBBIKE provides free bike valet to everyone attending the festival, we inspire more people to ride their bikes. With more bikes and less cars, traffic is alleviated, people are happier, and parking is a cinch. Over the course of two days, we park over 1,000 bicycles in our corner of Alameda Park. It takes many volunteers to make it successful and fun. You'll get to see all sorts of sweet bikes, get fed, and you'll get an SBBIKE T-shirt. Come lend us a hand!

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Ellwood Students Get Safer Route to School

New bike and pedestrian path allows children an active commute.

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Safe Route to Adams

What's the best way to ride to Adams Elementary School?

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Cota and Rancheria Bike Lanes Are Here!


Thank you Santa Barbara for Cota + Rancheria Bike Lanes

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Sunnyfields Spur in Solvang


Solvang Moves Forward to Study Needed Bike Path Connection

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SBBIKE's End of Year Appeal

You + SBBIKE = A win for families and our community!

Should kids be able to safely bike to school?

Absolutely! At SBBIKE we think that all Santa Barbara County kids and families should have safe and accessible routes to school.

Thanks to your support of SBBIKE, Santa Barbara County is experiencing a bicycling renaissance in K-12 schools – we need your help to keep these riders safe.


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Research Shows Benefits of Biking

You likely have a pretty good idea that biking is good for kids (and the adults they share the world with). But it may surprise you to learn just how good it is and in how many ways—mentally, emotionally, physical, socially, and academically. It may also surprise you to learn who typically rides in the US (and who doesn't)—what groups we need to focus on to close those gaps and ensure all who want to can safely access the many benefits of cycling. During summer 2017, German researcher Katja Siepmann interned with Audacious Foundation, SBBIKE and COAST's partner in bringing cycling education to schools across Santa Barbara County. Her well-referenced research into the benefits of bicycling is here:


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Goleta Bike + Pedestrian Plan rolls along

What is the Goleta Bicycle + Pedestrian Master Plan?

The Goleta Bicycle + Pedestrian Master Plan is a project to plan a road system where kids, adults, and seniors can ride bikes safely and happily all over Goleta. By getting involved, community members are working to make that dream a reality. Essentially, the goal is to make sure people can comfortably bike to the places they want to go. 

Where is the plan now?

The city just released the first draft which includes a planned bike network where future on-street bike lanes, protected bike lanes, bike boulevards, and off-street bike paths (like the Obern Trail) will be built. Juicy stuff!

Because this is a draft, SBBIKE volunteers (and you!) are reviewing what’s being proposed to ensure that it will support everyone from 8 to 80 years old. We’re really excited about the proposed future bike path on the Fairview Bridge and the inclusion of protected bike lanes (on-street bike lanes that use posts to physically separate bicyclists from cars). We’re still discussing how to make every freeway crossing safer (like Storke + Patterson) and what needs to happen first.


Click here to see the draft in high resolution and here for a list of projects where you can leave comments or read more.

How can I get involved?

1.     Are you interested in getting together with other SBBIKE members to discuss and work to make the strongest bike plan possible? Email 

2.     Next up, there will be a workshop in early January 2018. You can help just by attending and telling the city what you think. 

3.     Engage your neighbors + friends to go the workshop together!


What else is in the works to make biking in Goleta better? 

Goleta is currently working on a few exciting projects including building the Elwood Bike Path from Pacific Oaks to Canon Green (it’s near completion!). They’re also working on the Hollister Complete Streets Project which aims to make Hollister Avenue better for people on foot, on bike and in cars. Last but not least, we’ve heard that the city is working on key details to get the San Jose Creek Bike Path and a bike path across Hollister in the near future. Lastly, there are awesome community bike rides being led out of Bicycle Bob's. We're fans of the shops Just for Women rides but you can also head over to their site to check out the full list! In addition, we encourage you to check out Echelon Cycling and the Goleta Valley Cycling Club for more awesome happenings.  

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