3 Things we learned at the Places for Bikes Conference


1. It’s not about the Bike

The bicycle is the tool but the real goal is strengthening our cities. Bicycling is a means to a stronger economy, social connectivity, better health, equity and personal mobility. As we transform our streets block by block, it’s important to emphasize how individual projects can achieve a city’s livability, equity and sustainability goals making our cities stronger and better.  



 2. Visible improvements (done well) count

Visible, physical changes to the street (like adding bike lanes or parking) is the number one way cities communicate that they are serious about supporting people biking. It’s absolutely essential to work with your community when you’re re-thinking a street. Have a meaningful and sincere dialogue about what the neighborhood needs (it might be even more than a bike lane) and be serious about considering not doing a project. If you’re ready to build, talk to businesses and residents to design the best possible details for the needs of the neighborhood. Bicycle Coalitions like SBBIKE have a huge role to play as we have strong ties to neighborhoods and can build the case for how biking can benefit people in these conversations.  


3. Biking is fun and Even more fun in groups

Group bikes rides are building community from rural towns to big cities throughout the U.S. Social bike rides build relationships, and city pride in ways that have the potential to be more inclusive and fun than any other type of venue. They remind individuals of the independence and interdependence of transportation in our communities. Last but not least, the bonus benefits of group rides is they help people think critically about streets, feel more comfortable biking on their own, support local business and get people moving. 

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