SBBIKE Facilitates Bike Education in Ventura

Recently, SBBIKE hosted a group from Ventura County to help them on their way to their League Cycling Instructor certification. 




As bicycle use continues to grow on the South Coast, so does the need for more bike educators to teach riders to become confident and law-abiding road users. The League of American Bicyclists offers a certification program for anyone interested in teaching adults and children to ride with safety and confidence; anybody can become a League Cycling Instructor (LCI). SBBIKE has several LCIs on staff, as well as a network of LCIs in our community. That being said, the demand for educators is steadily increasing and SBBIKE is always looking to certify more experienced riders who like to share their expertise.

A prerequisite of the LCI training seminar and getting certified is to take the League's primary instruction module, "Traffic Skills 101." Since Ventura didn't have any LCI's to teach this class, a group of 8 came all the way up to Santa Barbara for our tripartite version of this course "Street Skills" offered every other month, free of charge. Once these folks get certified, they can start teaching the class to kids and adults in Ventura, as well as folks that want to become LCIs. The number grows, and so does the number of knowledgable riders on the road. Thank you to the City of Ventura and the Channel Islands Bicycle Club for hosting the first LCI training seminar at Ventura City Hall, April 8-10, and for promoting bicycle education in Ventura County!

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