SBBIKE Partner in Launching Cycle California Coast


After two years of development SBBIKE is proud to be a part of launching a powerful new biycle tourism initiative: Cycle California Coast. Together with the over 60 stakeholders from agencies throughout Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, On Friday, September 9,  Cycle California Coast (CCC) is  officially announce the launch of the website, social media challenges, and a coordinated effort to improve both wayfinding and infrastructure for cyclists on key routes through the two counties. 

Cycle California Coast began in 2015 when Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett and Santa Barbara County Supervisor Salud Carbajal brought together dozens of local businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies for informal discussions on how to make Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties a premier bike tourism destination. The vision was to utilize our region’s iconic coastline and coastal mountain range to encourage bike tourism and in the process create an economic engine of activity that will support local businesses via one of the fastest growing tourism industry markets 

The group has continued to meet quarterly where it has used the expertise of its stakeholders to identify infrastructure needs as well as enhancing wayfinding via traditional signage and on-line mapping and social media communications.  These meetings led to the development of the Cycle California Coast name and logo as well as the recently launched website, that will connect bicycle enthusiasts of all levels to the amenities our region offers.

“Bike tourism offers new and exciting avenues of exploration that take visitors off the beaten path” said Supervisor Bennett.  “With the completion of the Rincon Coastal Bike Path and the opportunity for personal connections between visitors, local residents and business owners, we have a unique and enriching experience available to benefit everyone.”

“Bicycling is growing in popularity worldwide as evidenced by the success of the recent Amgen Tour” said Supervisor Carbajal. “The natural amenities of our region and support of bicycling by local residents and business make our area a perfect fit for bike enthusiasts of all levels.”

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