Summer Bike Education

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Start a small group ride from the Explore Your Neighborhood routes and we will send a certified League Cycling Instructor (LCI) out to assist you. Your kids will gain the confidence they need to ride to school, ride with family and friends and get to some nearby places on their own as the instructor will impart the most important safety aspects of cycling. FREE rides for the month of June and July: donation appreciated.

Inspire family and friends to ride a bicycle safely for physical and mental health, for transportation and for fun!

Here's how Instructor Drop-In Education works:

  1. Invite a small group to get together for fun educational rides using one of the Family Walk and Roll routes (2-4 rides max).
    *Please keep the group small: minimum 5 kids + at least 1 adult, max 8 kids + at least 2 adults.
  2. Riders must be able to ride in a straight line, know how to brake and control their bike. No training wheels.
  3. Choose a convenient location and time in your neighborhood to start your ride (duration: 1-2 hrs).
  4. Please register your ride with the information requested: we'll contact you as soon as possible to schedule your fun outings (FREE rides for June and July: donation appreciated).

Please Register your Family Here!

All participating families: Please Get Ready!

A parent/guardian of each family must complete and sign a Family Waiver before the first ride. Please send it to: or give it to your LCI on Day 1.



If you would like private instruction for your family only, in your neighborhood and at your convenience please contact us at This offering is not free of charge.

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