Sunny Fields Spur Trail

Sunny Fields Spur
Options for a proposed Sunny Fields Spur Trail to connect to the existing bike trail

Speak up for safer riding conditions in Solvang.

Save the date: May 30th meeting planned

Please clear your calendars and attend the Proposed Sunny Fields Spur Bike Trail Public Workshop on Wednesday May 30th at Solvang City Hall Council Chambers, 6pm.

I know I don’t need to hammer home just how important it is that you attend. Together, we have an opportunity to start to change our community for the better. The goal is to, over many years, take one step at a time to eventually make it safer to ride bikes for all, build a more connected and sustainable Valley, creating a healthier community for every resident and visitor alike, and in the end improving the quality of life for everyone.

Building the Sunny Fields Spur and connecting the only Class 1 Bike Path the Valley currently has to Sunny Fields Park, so that many more people will use the path because of the better access, is only the next step in creating a SYV Bicycle Trail Network. Please support this effort and get involved.

Thank you!

– Mike Hecker
April 23, 2018

April update

Months ago we asked the City of Solvang and the County of SB to help us improve SYV Bicycle Transportation and Recreational Infrastructure opportunities by connecting the ONLY 1.3 mi long Class 1 Bike Path the Valley has with Sunny Fields Park.

The December Solvang City Council meeting offered so much public comment on the The Sunny Fields Spur Trail that they voted to direct city staff to come back to Council with a list of alignment options.

How you can help: email the Director of Public Works

Take a look at the draft proposal then write Solvang Public Works Director Matt van der Linden by April 20th – tell him that you support the following:

(copy and paste)
“I support the C3-N4-P3-P4 Sunny Fields Class 1 Spur option because it’s going to accomplish the goal of connecting Sunny Fields Park to the only Class 1 path in the valley. In addition I’d support the City of Solvang including C1/N1/P1 in this same project as having both options will benefit the community in so many ways! But in no way do we want the City of Solvang to chose the easiest option because of the lower cost and not connect directly to Sunny Fields Park via a Class 1 connecting path.”

Advocates met recently at the Chumash Casino and Resort

Download the pdf

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