Towbes Group Puts Tools in Peoples' Hands

As more than one third of Willow Springs residents are affiliated with UCSB as faculty, students or staff, bicycling to the Copenhagen like campus just got one step easier. Willow Springs, operated by the Towbes Group, decided to effectively give about $60 worth of tools to each bicycle wielding resident. No, they aren't delivering a truck load of tool kits, but instead installing an all weather permanent 'fix-it' station,  complete with a bicycle stand, air pump, and suspended tools and levers.


"The Towbes Group is being a community leader by making Willow Springs that much more Bike Friendly, says SB County Bicycle Coalition Director Ed France, " And  It make sense. It's an amenity for its residents and helping this neighborhood, so much of whom are just one mile from their commute at UCSB, cut its contribution to congestion. Meanwhile, amenities like this are great for families that are trying to get outdoors more and promote active lifestyles."

As UCSB and Goleta grow, sensible, thoughtful communities like Willow Springs are what is needed. How how UCSB grown while cutting traffic by 20%- thoughtful investments in alternative transportation like this. The Towbes Group is taking a page from the successful investments that it's adjacent campus community has made- less traffic with more housing. 
The Towbes Group plans to monitor Fix-it station use and hopefully bring this amenity to all of the communities it operates. In light of Goleta's Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, groups like the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition are thankful for Towbes group by leading for example.

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