Confident City Cycling

Are you comfortable riding in traffic? If not, this class is for you!

We are offering an online version of Confident City Cycling. It is a workshop for those age 16+ who know how to ride a bike and are looking to build skills and confidence while learning more about traffic laws, crash avoidance, and lane positioning.

FREE Zoom Workshop!
Enroll for May 13, 2020

Learn the ABC quick-check and review safety considerations. Understand your rights and responsibilities as a driver operating a bicycle safely and legally on public roadways.


  • RSVP online and the Zoom link will be emailed
  • Lunchtime learning: 11:30am-12:30pm
  • Send your questions in early if you'd like more detailed answers
  • Wrap up and resources will be emailed after the workshop
  • Cost: FREE. Consider making a donation so we can keep offering these educational workshops.


"Thank you for offering this workshop to the community. I attended with friends of differing experience levels riding on city streets. We all learned new safety tips about riding comfortably in traffic. I most appreciated the short group ride because we talked about every intersection and road situation both before and after riding through them. Confident City Cycling is a terrific mix of classroom demonstrations, simple bike maintenance, and cycling."

—Kate Faulkner, President, Channel Islands Bicycle Club

"I was an avid cyclist – as a kid I road my bike everywhere. To my surprise, after taking the SBBIKE Confident City Cycling class, I felt much more confident on the road. I knew my rights as a cyclist, how to safely navigating streets with vehicles. I highly recommend this class – you'll become a better cyclist and you can impart bike riding knowledge to kids."

—Kim Stanley-Zimmerman, Director, Safe Routes to School

Your Pre-Workshop Homework

Test your knowledge with our ride quiz. Para Español aquí

Check out California's Top 10 Bike Laws.

Interested in becoming a certified League Cycling Instructor? Confident City Cycling is a pre-requisite.

Questions? Ask our Education Director for more info.