Vision Zero Support Letter

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Please sign our letter asking Santa Barbara City Council to adopt a Vision Zero Resolution at their next City Council Meeting. The item will go before council at 3pm on October 18th at City Hall (735 Anacapa St.). Click here for more information



We are calling on Santa Barbara to adopt a Vision Zero Resolution that aims to bring our traffic fatality and injury rate to zero by 2025. We don’t have to accept deaths and injuries to people biking, walking and driving on our roads as the cost of modern life. With a Vision Zero Resolution, Santa Barbara would commit to collision prevention including:


      • Using Vision Zero practices of engineering, education and enforcement to ensure our city is safe for people biking, walking and driving.


      • Ensuring neighborhood streets are safe for children and people of all ages and abilities.


      • Reducing our pedestrian and bicycle collisions. Currently we are ranked 2nd highest for pedestrian collisions and 4th highest for bicycle collisions when compared to similar sized cities.


      • Appointing a Vision Zero Advisory’ Committee that coordinates stakeholders efforts to improve traffic safety and respond to on the ground safety issues in our neighborhoods.
      • Developing and implementing a local Vision Zero Plan


By signing this support letter, I add my name to the growing list of community organizations that support Vision Zero in Santa Barbara including Community Environmental Council, Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara County Department of Public Health, Santa Barbara School District, Coalition for Sustainable Transportation and Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition.

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