Donate a Wishlist item today; the items listed are needed to keep SBBIKE+COAST and Bici Centro serving our community. We also accept donations of anything bike related that can be rendered useful and sellable with a relatively limited amount of time, labor and supplemental components. We're always happy to issue a tax-deductible receipt for your donation.

In Santa Barbara

Stop by Bici Centro at 434 Olive St. during open hours with bike donations, and we'll issue a tax-deductible donation receipt or contact our shop supervisor. Hours: 11:30-5:30 Tuesday through Friday.

  • iPads, for tabling and shop sign-in station
  • Large area rug, office space
  • Rubber floor mats, in the shop

In Santa Maria

Drop by the Santa Maria Bici Centro at 310 Oak Street.
Some of what we need:

  • Pick Up Truck for trailer
  • Enclosed and flatbed trailers
  • Rubber floor mats, in the shop
  • Air compressor
  • Two sheets of plywood 4X6
  • Very Tall Ladder
  • Microwave
  • Nice Work Bench
  • Heavy-Duty Vice
  • Power Drill
  • Security Camera(s)
  • Projector
  • Speaker Wire
  • Futon or Small Couch

Contributions can be made in Santa Maria by contacting Ken Dahmen.

Thank you!

Bicycle Friendly Business

Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition
P.O. Box 92047
Santa Barbara CA 93190
(805) 845-8955
Tax ID: 77-0395986

Bici Centro Locations
Santa Barbara: 434 Olive St (805) 617-3255
Santa Maria: 310 Oak St (805) 623-5763
Santa Barbara City College: 721 Cliff Dr (east end of the bridge over Loma Alta Dr)